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How to get Baguettes in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet

Can't make a sandwich without bread!
Pokemon Scarlet and Violet
Image via Game Freak

Making food with your Pokémon has been a staple in the past few games. In Pokémon Scarlet and Silver, the idea is expanded upon. Now players will be able to make sandwiches for their own Pokémon. Using materials both found and bought, trainers can craft an assortment of meals, which when eaten by both them and their Pokémon, can provide all sorts of boosts and benefits. Of course a sandwich can’t be made without bread. In order to make any meals for your Pokémon, players must make sure they have a baguette on hand. Luckily, it’s easy to keep baguettes on hand, and even simpler to find them in stores.

Where to get Baguettes?

The answer to this question is rather simple. Baguettes will always be in a players inventory. Meaning that trainers can make as many sandwiches for themselves and their Pokémon. Provided of course that they have ingredients to spare. No one likes a sandwich with just bread, not even a Muk.

With this in mind, players are free to mix and match, experiment with different ingredients to see which combination provides the best benefits for their team. All without worry of running low on baguettes. However, Baguettes can still be bought in shops, technically. Any store in the Paldea region that sells food will sell pre made sandwiches that be bought and fed to your Pokémon.

Just be warned that when purchasing the meal, the cost of the baguette comes into play, even though it’s an item that can’t be acquired by traditional means. If players are just starting out or low on funds, it’s not the best idea to buy sandwiches, when they can easily make one themselves with benefits equal to or greater than ones sold in stores. It’s only worth buying a sandwich when players need one and lack the proper ingredients.

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