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How To Get All Swords In Roblox Kill Monsters To Save Princess

Get the best weapon to save your Princess!
how to get all swords in roblox kill monsters to save princess
Image via XiaoChen Simulator

All aspiring young knights dreams of becoming a Knight in Shining Armor for their Princess. Thankfully, you don’t need to look far with Roblox Kill Monsters to Save Princess. The game has everything a young knight needs, a Trusty Steed (Pets), Princesses, Monsters, and, most importantly, Weapons, aka Swords. Of course, the more you level up, the more Princess you will have to protect (some can even recover HP!). So, follow this guide on how to get all Swords in Roblox Kill Monsters to Save Princess.

Roblox Kill Monsters to Save Princess — How to get all Swords

You can buy 13 types of Swords in Roblox Kill Monsters to Save Princess, with Coins, Gems, or Robux. To get Coins and Gems, you must kill Monsters as they arrive in waves; these Monsters will drop Coins, and when you finish certain levels, you can get Gems as a reward.

All types of Swords

Image via XiaoChen Simulator

When you first start out, you will be given a measly Stick as a sword; however, once you earn more Coins and Gems, you can pick eight varieties of Swords. Do note that as you increase your level and earn more Coins, the Swords’ price will also increase.

Tier 1 Swords

  • Common Egg: 50 Coins
  • Uncommon Egg: 250 Coins
  • Rare Egg: 1,000 Coins
  • Rainbow Egg: 149 Robux

Tier 2 Swords

  • Epic Egg: 5,000 Coins
  • Legendary Egg: 25,000 Coins
  • Mythical Egg: 100,000 Coins
  • Rainbow Egg: 349 Robux

Limited Legendary Samurai Sword

Image via XiaoChen Simulator

Dual Blade Sword

  • 1000x Gems
  • 349 Robux

Samurai Sword

  • 500x Gems
  • 249 Robux

Exclusive Store in Roblox Kill Monster to Save Princess

Image via XiaoChen Simulator

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You can also buy Exclusive Swords with epic attack damage at the Store. Currently, there are three Swords you can purchase with Robux. You can either go to the Exclusive Swords display to buy them or go to the Shop, which you can find in purple on the left side of your screen.

  • Ice: 249 Robux
  • Doom: 649 Robux
  • Dragon Slayer: 1049 Robux

And with that, we conclude our guide on how to get all Swords in Roblox Kill Monsters to Save Princess. You can also check out this guide on How to get every Princess in Kill Monsters to Save Princess. To keep up with all our content, follow Gamer Journalist on Facebook.

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