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How to get Absolute Zero Legendary Assault Rifle in Outriders

The whole point of looter-shooters like Outriders is getting your hands on the best gear you can to optimize your character. One of the best weapons in Outriders we’ve seen so far is the Legendary Assault Rifle known as the Absolute Zero. We’ll give you a quick rundown on how you can get your hands on it and provide an overview of the pros and cons. Here’s how to get Absolute Zero in Outriders.

How to get Absolute Zero Legendary Assault Rifle in Outriders

Legendary drops in Outriders are pure chance, so there’s no specific way to farm for the Absolute Zero Assault Rifle. Some side missions reward legendary weapons, which you can see if you scroll over the quest. FOr that reason, you may want to wait until you’re at a higher level to complete them if possible.

How to get Absolute Zero Legendary Assault Rifle in Outriders

Absolute Zero is a Legendary Assault Rifle, in the standard variant. The default rolls on this item are Critical Damage, Status Power, and Long-Range Damage. The tier three mod on this one is Ultimate Freezing Bullets, so all your shots will inflict freeze. Being a tier-three mod, this only has a one-second internal cooldown, meaning you can freeze enemies every second. For comparison, a tier-two freezing mod has a four-second cooldown, while tier-one has an eight-second cooldown. Every bullet is not going to freeze enemies because it is an assault rifle, after all, and the RPM is 600. 

The second mod on this weapon is the tier-two Gravedigger’s Frenzy, which causes critical shots to increase your critical damage by 50% for five seconds. Gravedigger’s Frenzy has a ten-second cooldown. It’s a decent modifier, but you may want to swap it out for something that benefits your build more.

Overall, the weapon is pretty impressive for crowd control. You’re going to be freezing a ton of different enemies, which will help your overall survivability in the more difficult world-tiers. Consider combining another mod like Icebreaker with Ultimate Freezing Bullets for some more significant damage.

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