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How to Force Turnovers in Madden 23

Strike fear into the heart of your enemy by taking away possession of the football!
Madden 23 screenshot of DB trevon Diggs interception
Image via EA Tiburon

With how high-powered modern NFL offenses are and the amount of superstar talent spread across the league, the defense has become incredibly difficult in Madden 23. Not only do you have to know how and when to utilize the proper formations, but you also need to have the right personnel to match up with certain players. As a result, knowing how to force turnovers and reclaim possession from the other team is absolutely vital. In this guide, we will explore how to force turnovers in Madden 23.

How to Force Turnovers in Madden 23

Turning the ball over more often on defense can help to reduce the amount of time the other team has possession of the football. Which will diminish the number of opportunities they have to score and put points on the board. However, in Madden 23, there are three effective ways to force turnovers in the game; fumbles, interceptions, and safeties. So, we’ve laid out the basics for each below.

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Forcing Fumbles

Forcing fumbles is one of the more common ways to get turnovers in Madden 23. The first step is to add defensive players that are built around forcing fumbles, particularly heavy hitters like linebackers and safeties. Ideally, they should have high ratings in hit power, tackling, and pursuit.

Also, you should look for players with the “Avalanche” zone ability. As this will ensure that all tackles performed with the hit stick while running downhill automatically result in a forced fumble, so long as the player is “in the zone”.

Speaking of which, knowing how to use the hit stick is pivotal when it comes to forcing fumbles. Also, stripping the ball is another way to force a fumble in Madden 23, which can be done by pushing the right number on your controller when you’re close to making a tackle.

Forcing Interceptions

Another way to force turnovers is by intercepting the ball from the other team. In terms of talent, you should prioritize cornerbacks and safeties with high ratings in man coverage, zone coverage, and play recognition. As these will be the most important attributes to read the play and pick the ball off while it’s in the air.

I would also recommend looking for players with either the “Shutdown” or “Zone Hawk” abilities. As the former will increase the chances that your player will secure an interception on contested balls. While the latter increases the chance of your player getting a pick while matched up in zone coverage. Also, learning how to effectively user-control a corner or safety can help you rack up a ton of interceptions as well.

Forcing Safeties

Now, to be fair, safeties aren’t nearly as common in Madden 23 as fumbles or interceptions. That being said, they do happen occasionally and are a sneaky way to get turnovers in Madden. To increase the chance of forcing a safety, you’ll want to practice your punt coverage. Essentially, if you can consistently place punts within the five-yard line, then you can set your defense up for a quick safety every time down the field.

Once you’ve pinned your opponent back within their own five-yard line, you will then need to utilize heavy pass rush and blitz formations to get a sack or loss of yards. If you can tackle your opponent inside the end zone, you won’t just get the ball back but an additional two points added to the scoreboard as well.

That’s everything you need to know about how to force turnovers in Madden 23. If you’re interested in more Madden 23 content, be sure to check out our guides section here at Gamer Journalist. Where you can find helpful information like how to earn coins quickly in Madden 23 Ultimate Team or how to dive in Madden 23.

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