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How to Fix Bugs and Glitches in Sea of Thieves

Here's some common glitch fixes to get you back on the waves

Sea of Thieves is a huge multiplayer hit, seeing you take on the perilous waves with your crew, or by your lonesome. But among the buried treasure and the conniving crews, are the glitches. The game has a history of glitches, each new update spawning lots of new features, and lots of new bugs. Thankfully, there are workarounds to a lot of them, to keep you on the waves and not glitched out hundreds of feet above them.

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Common glitch fixes in Sea of Thieves

Rebooting the game

If something hasn’t loaded properly, such as you not receiving your loot or experience, or your purchases not going through, then reloading the game will deliver you everything and set all back to normal. This happens due to your actions being accounted for, but the server not responding to the changes.

I know it may not seem helpful to just ‘turn it off and on again’, but resetting the connection will solve most of your problems, even if not about purchases or actions. If you find that the game isn’t responding, or you find that certain features aren’t working, thn rebooting the game will more often than not solve your issue.

If it doesn’t, then most likely there will be other problems either with your settings or with the game itself.

Check your settings

There are some settings that you may change accidentally, or the system may modify, that can cause problems for your game.

Firstly, make sure your laptop is not in high-power mode, which can be checked in the power options in the control panel.

A rarer case, but a potential problem, make sure SOTGame.exe is in your anti-virus’ white list. This may prevent and ‘corrupted files’ warnings when trying to install the game.

If you’re on console, but are struggling to access the text chat, then it may be because your input is set to ‘use virtual keyboard’. Head over to your settings and disable it in the ‘misc’ section in your ‘input’ menu.

Also, just make sure your system meets the requirements for the game. if your PC is of a lower spec than the game requires, then graphical and system problems will undoubtedly ensue.

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Contact Rare

If you find a problem that nothing will fix, then report it to them. It’s the only way they are going to know about the issues, and they are active is trying to fix reported problems.

The developers are working hard and delivering hot-fixes as soon as they are made. if you are aware of a hot-fix, yet the problem persists, then, again, report it to them.