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How to find the Green Friend Floppa in Find the Floppa Morphs

Who wants a hug?
green friend floppa in find the floppa morphs
Screenshot by GJ / BIG PLAY

Find the Floppa Morphs, by BIG PLAY, is a huge ‘find the’ Roblox game with over 380 floppa morphs to collect. Completionists and casual players alike will find great joy in finding and morphing into their favourite floppas across many floppa-infested maps. But there is only one floppa who has eyes yet… is blind? The Rainbow Friends inspired Green Friend Floppa is a must-have for any fans of Roblox horror. Here is how to find the Green Friend Floppa morph in Find the Floppa Morphs.

How to find the Green Friend Floppa Morph

This floppa is hiding amongst the Huge House map, which can be selected through the maps menu when you open the game. It is represented through the head of Green, the creature this morph has taken inspiration from.

The hint tells us it is next to a green candle, and there is only one green candle in the map.

Getting to the support beams

Small people in a huge house means getting to places are difficult, especially when they are shelves mounted on the wall. The only green candle can be found on a shelf installed high up on a wall. Away from any other structure, climbing our way up is impossible. Considering we take no fall damage in this game, our method of getting there is through free-falling from the support beams.

There are a couple ways to get up to the support beams at the top of the map, but the easiest method is through the teleport next to the turd. When you spawn in, look to the corners of the map to find a litter red tray. Climb up one of the two grey trusses and walk over to the turd where there will be a purple teleporter tile.

teleporting turd in find the floppa morphs
Screenshot by GJ / BIG PLAY

Once you step onto it, you will be teleported to the support beams above.

Claiming the Green Friend Floppa

Now on the support beams, look to the shelf just below on one of the walls. Walk over and onto the wooden plank that juts off the beams. There is another wooden plank on the shelf below. Jump onto the shelf’s plank. Then walk down the shelf until a third wooden plank branches out from the next shelf down. Jump onto the plank and walk onto the shelf.

finding the green friend floppa morph in find the floppa morphs
Screenshot by GJ / BIG PLAY

Simply touch it to claim your Green Friend Floppa morph.

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