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How to Find People to Play GTA Online With

Find some friends to commit (virtual) crimes with.
GTA Online
Image via Rockstar.

Online gaming is best enjoyed with other people. Many people play multiplayer games with their friends they’ve met in person or online. A game like GTA Online requires friends especially when you try to complete a sell mission in a lobby filled with Opressors and jet griefers. If you don’t have a group of people to play with, there are a few ways that you can find some.

How to Find People to Play GTA Online With

Meet People In-Game

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Image via Rockstar Games

An easy way to make friends with other people in GTA Online is to play with randoms. If you start a job or heist, invite randoms to join you. Should the mission go well, try doing some more things with them in-game. If they own a business and run an organization, message them and offer to help them with their sell missions. GTA Online is notorious for having lobbies filled with griefers so they’ll be appreciative of the assistance. You’ll get some money out of it and they’ll get a decent bonus for completing the mission in a lobby full of other players.

Helping another player in-game will make it easier to add them as a friend. Once you have them added as a friend, they may invite you to a lobby or mission if they catch you online. You can also invite them to help you out as well.

Facebook Groups

GTA Online Facebook Groups

Another great way to find people to play GTA Online with is through Facebook. If you have an account, head over to the Groups section and search for a group related to gaming or GTA Online. If the group is private, you’ll have to be approved before joining. There are usually posts in these groups about people looking for others to play with so you shouldn’t have trouble finding friends. You can also just try out any gaming-related or nerd-centered Facebook groups.

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