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How to Find Luma Temtem

Luma Temtem are the equivalent of shiny rare pokemon, and they can be found all over the in-game world. Keep in mind they are extremely rare, so you shouldn’t expect to come across them very often. They appear as different colored versions of normal Temtem, and they are very easy to spot when you happen to find them. Read below to learn how to find Luma Temtem with the best probabilities.

How to Find Luma Temtem

If you are wondering how to find Luma Temtem, the only thing you can do is just play the game. You have a 1 in 6000 chance of finding a Luma when you come across Temtem.

Breeding is another way to find Luma Temtem, but finding the first one to be able to breed them will be an obstacle. A parent Luma can increase the odds of making another Luma to 1 in 600. If both parents are Lumas, the odds of producing another Luma egg go up to 1 in 60.

This means after you manage to catch your first Luma Temtem, breeding them is the way to go to get more. If you want to learn more about breeding, check out our Temtem breeding guide.

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