Temtem Breeding Guide

Temtem breeding is a way to get more Temtem without having to run around the world catching them manually. Temtem breeding can result in a variety of different offspring based on their parents. Things to take into account when breeding are the parents’ traits, types, and values.

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Temtem Breeding Guide

Temtems have something called Fertility, which is a value that influences the amount of eggs they can produce. This number will put a limit on how much a single Temtem can breed. Once this value reaches 0, the Temtem can no longer breed.

In order to breed two Temtems, they need to be the same type. Temtems can have multiple different types, so they need to share just one in common to be compatible. When you have two eligible Temtem, head to the Breeding Center and leave them there to start breeding.

Breeding can take 30 minutes to produce an egg, and another 45 minutes for the egg to hatch into a Temtem. The offspring Temtem will have values based on the parents stats, which can be seen here:

Fertility – the offspring will have the lower of the two parents’ fertility value, minus 1.

Techniques – the offspring can have skills/techniques from the parent Temtems without having to level up to learn.

Traits – the offspring’s traits are random, but you can force a trait with specific items.

Single Values – an offspring’s single values have a 40% chance of being the higher value out of the two parents’ value, a 40% chance of being the average, and a 20% chance of being lower.

Luma – the chance of an offspring being a Luma is about 1 in 6000, but this can be increased ten times if a parent is a Luma, and one hundred times if both parents are Lumas.

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