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All Challenges on Endgame Island in Temtem

Temtem endgame is a whole lotta fun!
TemTem endgame island is lit!
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Want to know about all the challenges on Endgame Island in TemTem? Temtem is the game people wrote off as a basic Pokémon clone until they actually played it. Once you crack the surface, you realize this game has plenty of unique aspects to it that set it apart. If the fun of the game isn’t enough to win you over, people’s reactions to it should. It has been very positively reviewed by many. The game features multiple islands with multiple characters and quests on each one. But what about the ending of the game? What challenges are in store for the player?

Though you may come to the end of the game, it doesn’t mean there isn’t more end-game content for you to explore. Temtem’s end game is quite robust and will keep you playing long after you reach the climax.

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All Endgame Island Challenges in TemTem

PVP End Game

One of the biggest additions to Temtem that came with its 1.0 release was the reveal of Tamer’s Paradise. It’s the final island on the Archipelago that’s completely dedicated to endgame content. There are a number of facilities on the Island that offer various activities to engage in. PvP is a big part of Temtem’s endgame so if you’re itching for a fight, you can start battling the best Temtem tamers across the world in exciting competitive ranked matches. Tamer’s Paradise will keep you busy for a long while.

If you’d rather team up with fellow players, however, Raid Lair challenges are available on Tamer’s Paradise. Raid lairs are co-op dungeon-crawler activities that are run by a team of 3 – 5 players. Each tamer receives a random loadout of Temtem and must decide which encounters they face on the way to defeat the boss. If the boss is defeated you’ll receive a Temtem egg of the creature as well as some rare items. Very fun mode to replat often for better items.

The Digilair provides a similar challenge but is limited to 2 players and allows you to customize the difficulty of matches.

That is pretty much it for PVP, but next up we have…

PVE End Game

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There are also a handful of PvE challenges to tackle on Tamer’s Paradise. The Arch Tamer’s Sanctum tasks tamers with consecutively facing off against the four Archtamers (much akin to the Elite Four in Pokemon.) You’ll be able to heal your team after every match but you won’t be able to switch out any of your Temtem or their items. It’s tough but very rewarding for good players.

The Grit and Draft Arenas hosts battles with Holo tamers where you’ll be drafted a random or use your own team of four Temtem to battle it out against endless opponents. In the Draft Arena, you’ll gain access to one of your opponent’s Temtem every time you win a battle, and as your creatures will constantly be changing, this arena is all about adaptability. That alone keeps you on your toes.

In TemSafari, players have to survive in the wild for as long as possible. Upon entering the area, wild Temtem will constantly challenge you and you’ll have a limited set of items to use in battle and won’t be able to flee. Kinda like a real safari.

Finally, the Shifting Tower has tamers explore a randomly generated dungeon with just a single random Temtem initially in their squad. As you progress through the floors you’ll find more Temtem and items along the way with the ultimate goal of reaching the very top. this is our personal favorite as it is random and hectic as all get out.

Endgame Endings

Alongside everything we’ve mentioned here, tamers can also collect all 164 Temtem, decorate their own house, and complete daily and weekly missions – although these activities aren’t technically considered endgame – it further highlights just how much content there is on offer. So really, Temtem only ends if YOU want it to.

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