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How to Find Jasmine in Potion Permit

Going flower hunting!
map for potion permit
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There is a handful of materials and ingredients to gather and collect in Potion Permit. Some items of course like any foraging game will feel harder to find than others. There are several flowers you will need to help you make potions and in the early game, one of the most curial ones is the Jasmine flower. Where is this flower though? Here’s where you can go to get it. This is where you can find Jasmine in Potion Permit.

Where is Jasmine Located

When you start the game you will quickly have access to the first foraging area of the game called the Meadow Range. As you explore the area there will be several flowers or plants that are mostly clustered together and will be the only place you can find them. The handy thing about your map is that once you first harvest these plants, you will have an icon of that plant reminding you exactly where to find them again later. Whether its the basil or lily or another plant, you will always know where to go when you need to harvest again.

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As for the Jasmine, it is in the most northern area of the first section of Meadow Range. Once you got north near the Basil plant, just take a left on screen, west on the map, ad eventually you will get to a lakeside where the plant grows. You will be able to find it early on and you won’t have to access or open up the second area to get to it. It is a bit of a hidden path but it is easy to get to once you realize which path you are taking. There are four patches of the white plant for you to harvest.

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