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How to Find and Defeat Gol D. Waterfly in Chained Echoes

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Through your playthrough of the 16-bit RPG Chained Echoes, you will come across many Monsters to defeat. Among them are the Unique, standalone Monsters which act as a Boss in the Region. However finding them can be tough when they have specific criterion for you to hit in order for them to show themselves. By defeating these 15 Unique Monsters however, players are rewarded with the Endangered Species Achievement. This is our guide on where to find and how to defeat the Unique Monster, Gol D. Waterfly in Chained Echoes.

Where to Find Gol D. Waterfly

This Unique Monster is located inside Kortara Mountain Range, specifically at the northern part of the Region. For this Monster, you will want to complete the requirement to fight Waterfly and actually battle it using the Sky Armor the entire time. In order to fight Gol. D Waterfly, players need to first defeat a minimum of 20 Waterflies that are located in the south-east area of Kortara Mountain Range, specifically past Rockbottom. We recommend staying in the Sky Armor and flying around between mountains in search for the normal Waterfly spawns. These typically will appear in groups, making it easily to kill multiple in one area. There is no need to leave the Sky Armor when taking these enemies on, you will be able to defeat them incredibly quickly inside the Armor.

Once you have found and defeated a minimum of 20 Waterflies, head to the northern side of the Mountain Range. The specific spot you are looking for is at the very peak of the Region where you can use the Sky Armor to fast-travel above the layers of Mountain which you would not be able to climb up on foot. Refer to the screenshot below of the exact location in which you can find Gol D. Waterfly. Only when you have defeated 20+ normal Waterfly will this Unique Monster appear. Chained Echoes does not tell you how many you must kill in order for this Monster to make his appearance so to save time, focus on taking out 20+ Waterflies around the south-east side of Kortara Mountain Range.

How to Defeat this Unique Monster

Gol D. Waterfly is an incredibly easy opponent to defeat if you stay inside the Sky Armor the entire time. Initiate the fight inside the Armor, Gol D.’s strength is with Water, therefore you simply need to focus on guarding his Water attacks. Any counter you have inside the Sky Armor is going to do a lot of damage to this Unique Monster that you should be able to defeat in 2-3 moves. You will want to pick attacks that use Fire as this is Gol D.’s weakness. For those playing on foot, you may receive damage of approximately 100 at a time. However, if you simply focus on using Fire moves, Gol D. Waterfly will not last longer than 5 turns.

We recommend that you use the Sky Armor to quickly and easily beat this Unique Monster. Adding the defeat to your Unique Monster counter towards the Endangered Species Achievement.

We hope this guide on where to find and how to defeat the Unique Monster, Gol D. Waterfly was helpful. Looking for more Chained Echoes guides? Feel free to look at Chained Echoes – Senior Tadeye Location and How to Find Otter Nobunaga in Chained Echoes. Follow us on Facebook to stay up to date on all of our latest guides if you are interested in seeing more.

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