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How to Farm Gold in Vampire Survivors

Buy all the power-ups!
How to Farm Gold in Vampire Survivors

Vampire Survivors power-ups get more expensive after each purchase, so you may want to come up with a method to farm lots of gold easily. We put together this guide that will show you how to farm gold in Vampire Survivors. You’ll be able to afford to stack those power-ups and max out your characters in no time.

If you read our power-ups guide, you already know that the most efficient way to buy them is first to acquire the most expensive ones. However, coming up with the gold in the first place can take a while. Using the right characters and builds can make your gold farming runs more effortless and efficient.

How to Farm Gold in Vampire Survivors

Here’s how to farm gold in Vampire Survivors

  • Put five points into the Greed power-up.
  • Play on Hyper Mode.
  • Acquire Holy Wand, Death Spiral, Heaven Sword, and Unholy Vespers.
  • Survive as long as possible.


First off, you’ll want to put five points into the Greed power-ups. This is important because each point in Greed gives you an extra 10% more coins per rank, capping out at 50% with five points.

  1. 200 Coins
  2. 440 Coins
  3. 720 Coins
  4. 1040 Coins
  5. 1400 Coins

Luckily, you can refund the points you’ve invested in power-ups without any penalty. That means you can go back later and choose a different setup after getting bored of gold farming.

Hyper Mode

Next, you’ll, of course, want to play on Hyper Mode. To unlock Hyper Mode, you will first need to survive for 30 minutes on the stage you want to farm. The mode gives a +50% Gold Bonus, Luck Bonus, and faster movement speed. Overall, it just makes things less time-consuming. Consider running Inlaid Library for the bonus items.


Next, you will want a good weapon setup. There are many possibilities you can use to mix and match weapons. We’d recommend this Vampire Survivor gold farming setup:

  • Holy Wand – An evolved version of the Magic Wand (requires Empty Tome).
  • Death Spiral – An evolved version of the Axe (requires Candelabrador).
  • Heaven Sword – An evolved version of the Cross (requires Clover).
  • Unholy Vespers – An evolved version of the King Bible (requires Spellbinder).

You can also go with the Whip and Garlic for the remaining item slots. Garlic is nice early on as you can simply walk right through enemies without taking any damage. Whip, however, is more of an endgame item that can deal some excellent damage.

Another good option is Hellfire, the upgraded version of the Fire Wand, which requires Spinach for evolution. If you still have slots you need to fill, the Duplicator, Empty Tome, and Stone Mask are all good options. The Stone Mask is in the Inlaid Library on the top part of the level to the right.

Alas, it depends on the items you’re given, but this would be our ideal setup for gold farming. These weapons generally all give some nice knockback effects that make survival easier, which leads us to the last point.


Surviving is the objective, and it’s in the game’s name, after all. Higher-level boss chests give you better rewards and a better chance at more gold. You’ll always want to aim for a 30-minute run on every playthrough.

Break all the candles in sight, pick up the vacuums to suck up all the experience, and level up as much as possible. That’s how to farm gold in Vampire Survivors.

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