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Best Build for Luminaire Foscari in Vampire Survivors

Who knew that dying over and over would actually help you win?
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The Tides of the Foscari DLC for Vampire Survivors brought about a handful of new characters for players to unlock. Some of them might resemble a certain anime character, or another might be a phrase you don’t want to repeat in Italy. We’re going to be taking a look at the guardian of the lake, Luminaire Foscari, a secret unlockable character. Her bright red hair and white dress float about as she decimates any enemies who enter her sight. Let’s protect the forest, and take a look at the best build for Luminaire Foscari in Vampire Survivors.

Best Build for Luminaire Foscari in Vampire Survivors

Best Build for Luminaire Foscari in Vampire Survivors gameplay
Screenshot via poncle

Luminaire can be unlocked in one of two ways. When playing as Maruto, break the Seal of the Abyss in Abyss Foscari. She then can be purchased for 5,000 coins, subject to scaling based on other characters bought. Alternatively, if you have obtained the Forbidden Scrolls of Morbane, simply enter the spell “deusexmachina.”

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Once unlocked, Luminaire Foscari starts with the Prismatic Missile weapon, and base stats of .5 recovery, +40% moving speed, +7 revival, and +5 banish. Along with triggering a Rosary every time she levels up, the key stat that you are going to want to build around is the revival. This combined with her passive bonus, will make her stronger and stronger on every revival. She will trigger Rosary for 17 seconds on her first revive, and then +2 seconds on top of that every other revive. On top of that, she receives more invincibility time the more revives she’s used. So dying is actually a good thing every once in a while with this character.

Regarding items and weapons, you’ll of course want to grab Phieraggi as soon as possible, since it uses items like Tiragisu. For the rest of your item slots, try filling it with Crown, Empty Tome, and Attractorb. On the weapons side of things, you’ll want Shadow Servant, Jubilee, Garlic, and Pentagram. These weapons and items, when utilized correctly, will perform so well, you won’t even have to move your character.

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