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How to farm for shards in Roblox Sword Fighters Simulator

It's enchanting time!
Sword Fighters Simulator Roblox cover image with characters fighting each other
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Sword Fighters Simulator is a fantastic Roblox experience where players will be swinging their sword till none can stand in their way. Traverse fun new worlds as you take down all the inhabitants and the final boss. As you advance, you’ll be getting stronger and stronger swords to use against your foes. But if you want your sword to be even stronger, then you’ll need shards. Here’s how to farm shards in Sword Fighters Simulator.

How to farm shards in Sword Fighters Simulator

Sword Fighters Simulator has more content that will initially meet the eye. As you progress through worlds, you’ll find and unlock new stations that will provide different purposes. Before too long, you’ll bump into the enchanting station, where you can spend shards to give a random enchantment to your sword. These enchantments primarily assist you in defeating your enemies faster.

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If you want to enchant frequently as you bump into new weapons, then you ‘ll need a solid supply of shards. To do this, you’ll need to wait for a raid to open. Whenever a raid opens, a pop up will appear, letting you know. Make your way to the relevant world and walk through the now open portal. You will need to complete the raids to get rewarded with shards.

The stronger the raid, the more shards you get, but any shards will help. So simply wait around and wait for raids. You will need raid tickets, but you can get up to three every 6 hours by making your way to their stations. There are three stations that you can visit every 6 hours for 1 raid ticket. There are raid ticket stations in: Skull Cove, Polar Tundra and in the Underworld.

Make sure you have friends or an active lobby to help you take down the raid bosses, they’re quite tough!

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