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How to Farm Deralium Shards in Lords of the Fallen?

Farm for upgrade materials in Lords of the Fallen the right way!
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You’ll quickly feel overwhelmed and underpowered when dealing with many enemies in Lords of the Fallen. Even with top-tier gear, your foes will prove challenging. But by farming Deralium Shards in Lords of the Fallen, you can further upgrade your equipment and wind up as more than a handful for the denizens of both Axiom and Umbral. Here is where to farm Deralium Shards!

How to Farm Deralium Shards in Lords of the Fallen?

There are multiple ways to acquire Deralium Shards in Lords of the Fallen, with the most common being farming enemies and bosses throughout the game. That said, you can also purchase Deralium Shards from Thehk-Ihir, beside the Vestige of Dieter at Path of Devotion. He’ll sell you some of these rare upgrade materials, but only after you find and speak with him to expand his inventory.

As for farming Deralium Shards, you’ll want to explore many of the game’s key areas, such as:

  • Pilgrim’s Perch
    • In a small cavern, just near where you fought the Pilgrims and Shrouded Remnant, you’ll find an Umbral Flowerbed to plant a seed. Behind the ladder nearby, there are two Deralium Shards.
    • Head to the Manse, then use your Umbral Lamp to pass over the broken bridge. To the right of the path, you’ll find a ladder with an enemy hidden behind, so be wary. You’ll want to climb the ladder and then use the platform in Umbral to cross the nearby gap. There’s a doorway here, to the right-hand side, where you can find a bunch of resources, including Deralium Shards.
    • Upon defeating The Sacred Resonance of Tenacity, exit the cavern and turn left by the Umbral Flowerbed to find two more Deralium Shards.

The starting zone is fantastic for finding a bunch of Deralium Shards to help give you a boost into the mid- and late-game!

These are a few surefire spawns for Deralium Shards in the game. However, you can also buy some from various merchants and loot them from dead enemies that either you kill or find throughout the game areas. Alternatively, some occasionally spawn in chests and boxes that you can smash.

We recommend scoring the Lucky Paw, which increases item drop rates when taking down enemies. It’s worth the price tag.

What Are Deralium Shards For?

Deralium Shards is a type of ore, an upgrade material in Lords of the Fallen used to improve weapons, armor, and shields up to +9. As such, this is an advanced upgrade material that you’ll wind up finding throughout your journey but want to save.

Do not sell your Deralium Shards!

If you want the best chance to take down bosses in Lords of the Fallen, start with the best weapon for a strength build, as recommended by Gamer Journalist!

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