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How to Explore the Secret Passage in Hogwarts Legacy – Dissending for Sweets Quest Guide

When did Hogwarts Legacy become a Platformer?

Sometimes gamers just want to relive the thrills of being a teenager and stealing goods from a school. To top it off, the use of the secret passages in Hogwarts makes for a more thrilling adventure. But all of this in obtaining dried Billywig is a little extreme for a small favor with Garreth Weasley. For those who want to explore somewhere new and exciting, the secret passages are the perfect place to visit. Without these Quests, many would never know of the secrets hidden within the wall of Hogwarts Witchcraft and Wizardry. This is our guide on how to explore the Secret Passage in Hogwarts Legacy for hitting the main objective in the Quest ‘Dissending for Sweets’.

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How to Explore the Secret Passage in ‘Dissending for Sweets’ Quest

Upon speaking with Garreth Weasley, your first goal is to find the One-Eyed Witch Statue and unlock its passage. The Statue can be found on the third-floor corridor, just south-west from Weasley’s position. You need to head into towards the spiralling staircase and continue walking south, heading directly towards a Floo Flame. Just before the Floo Flame and between this Fast-travel Point and the Spiralling Staircase, the One-Eyed Witch Statue can be found. All you need to do here is interact with the Statue in which the protagonist will use the Spell Dissendium.

How to Get Through the Secret Passage

Once inside the Secret Passage, you will see a broken elevator. In order to fix it, use the Spell Revaro. By using this Spell, you will be able to use the elevator by interacting with the lever inside and head on down into the heart of the passage. Follow the passage through the tunnels and into a clearing. By using the attacking button combined with Incendio, you can easily destroy the large web (resembling the Dark Souls mist wall) spanning across this room in order to gain access to the rest of the room. Here you will see a platform which you need to lift in order to access the upper level as you are trapped below.

The Spell to use here is Levioso, which will lift the platform for you to jump up on to then climb up to the next level. In the next section you need to somehow jump the gap, but of course you will not be able to do this without using Spells. There are however, platforms that can be used therefore, players should use Levioso once more on the platform below (in the gap). You will create half a bridge that you can easily jump over. Now in the middle of the room, use Reparo on the broken platform below (east side). Next, use Levioso so that you can jump across.

Use Incendio and general attacks to destroy the cobwegs once again as you progress through to the next part of the Passage. As you continue south-east in this chamber, use Reparo on the platform once again to repair it. Before you use Levioso however, you need to use Accio to flatten the bridge barrier that is also broken. Once this is against the wall, use Levioso on the platform so that you can jump across.

Exiting the Secret Passage

To exit the Secret Passage, use Incendio against the two unlit fire pits beside the locked door to open it. This will take you directly into the underground section of Honeydukes, needed for completing this Quest. The Billywig Stings are located on the east side of Honeydukes cellar. Use the Spell Revelio to highlight the item icon in your POV. You can now return to Weasley by going through Honeydukes without having to return through the Secret Passage. You can use the Great Hall Floo Flame as a means of Fast-travel instead of traversing through Hogsmeade. Once you successfully hand the Billywig to Weasley, the ‘Dissending for Sweets’ Quest will end.

We hope our guide on how to complete the ‘Dissending for Sweets’ Quest and exploring the Secret Passage in Hogwarts Legacy proved helpful. If you are looking for more Hogwarts Legacy content and guides, we have a lot more available at Gamer Journalist for you to check out.

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