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How to effectively use Paz in Metal: Hellsinger

A trusty companion and a trusty weapon
paz description in Metal Hellsinger
Screenshot by GJ / The Outsiders

Metal: Hellsinger is an FPS rhythm game that sees you delve into Hell and slaughter your way through to the devil of Hell herself, the Red Judge. Throughout the game, your journey gets narrated by the pulse of the universe that doubles as one of your permanent weapons, Paz. What Paz lacks in power, he makes up for in utility. Let’s hope you didn’t make the mistake of regarding him as a regular weapon like the others, as his usefulness ascends simply slaughtering. Here is how to effectively use Paz in Metal: Hellsinger.

Paz’s true purpose in Metal: Hellsinger

Paz has a very low damage output. Being so weak makes this weapon hardly a weapon, but his utility outranks any powerful weapon.


The number one reason you’ll be using Paz is to keep your fury up without any enemies being present. Fury does many things. It increases your damage and score through the displaced multiplier (up to 16x the damage and score) as well as reveals more of the musical arrangement, gifting you vocals if you achieve the highest multiplier.

Usually you would have to deal damage to enemies on beat to increase your fury, but Paz allows you to simply shoot on-beat to keep up your fury. This is incredibly useful. Before and after any fight, switch to Paz and shoot on-beat. This will maintain and fill up your fury so you can enter the next fight with a packed punch.

You cannot increase your fury level through this alone, you must deal damage to punch through to the next level, so with your fury ready to go, all you need to do is hit one lousy demon and you’ve already hit your next damage multiplier.

perfect timing in Metal Hellsinger
Screenshot by GJ / The Outsiders


Dealing such weak damage, Paz won’t really be killing enemies. But it will make them vulnerable. Vulnerable enemies are not only stunned for a short while, but can be slaughtered through the press of an on-beat ‘E’. This will launch you to their destination and destroy them, doing wonders for your health and fury.

So that group of Marionettes? They quickly become your ticket to full health. Just keep evading them and blasting them and you can slaughter them all and heal yourself up quickly. No longer be afraid of swarms, just consider them a buffet.

fighting in Metal Hellsinger
Screenshot by GJ / The Outsiders

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Now for something not taught in the tutorials. Paz has a secret use, which is the crystallization attack. Hold right click to charge Paz, and release on-beat to unleash an attack that crystallizes enemies. Crystallized enemies are frozen for a moderate time, allowing you to deal with other enemies or simply destroy them.

paz in Metal Hellsinger
Screenshot by GJ / The Outsiders

Having crystallized enemies is useful as if you smash one on-beat, the others will smash, too. However not all enemies can be crystallized by this attack alone. Paz’s ultimate, however, will freeze any beast, allowing you to start huge chain-reactions of exploding crystallized enemies.

Beat Practice

Due to constantly having to use Paz outside of combat, make an extra effort to perfectly time your beats. This will inadvertently improve your muscle memory and make for great practice.

With the abilities of freezing enemies, healing you, and allowing you to cause maximum damage, all we can do is thank the developers that Paz is a permanent weapon and will always be available for use.

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