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How to Easily Kill the Chainsaw Man in Resident Evil 4 Remake

No, it's not Denji

Players got their first taste of the new and improved Chainsaw Man when testing the Chainsaw Demo in the lead-up of Resident Evil 4 Remake’s release. Now that the Remake is here and it is safe to say that it is definitely here to stay, being a possible contender for GOTY. Players can take all of their training and put it into the real, main event. Capcom have focussed their attention on improving the little details to bring their villains to life, the Chainsaw Villagers being one of them. With their eyes piercing through the rag on their heads and blood covered clothes worn by what would have previously been a hard-working family man. The chainsaw wielding Villager rolls up his sleeves and makes his appearance, striking fear and panic into our hearts. This is our guide on how to easily kill the Chainsaw Man in Resident Evil 4 Remake.

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How to Easily Defeat Chainsaw Man in Resident Evil 4 Remake

The Chainsaw Man will appear under two different scenarios within the Village location. If you enter the House on the left side of the Village, just before the Bell Tower, you will initiate a cutscene just like the original game which introduces players the Chainsaw Villager who will break the door down. The same chainsaw wielding Villager can too be found at the opposite point of the Village double-door entrance where you will have overlooked the death of the Officer being burned at the stake in true Salem fashion. For this guide however, we recommend initiating the Villager entrance to arrive at the Shotgun House, not the Village exit.

Utilize the Equipment Given

As the Shotgun House holds impactful weapons and equipment such as the Shotgun and a Hand Grenade, they will be essential to beating the Chainsaw Villager. Upon picking up the Shotgun and Grenade from the first floor, you should make your exit outside of the building via the upstairs windows. There is a lot of enemies outside at this point but the goal is to use the Flash Grenade you should have obtained through the path leading towards the Village. This should be used immediately in a group where the Chainsaw Man appears. Do not try to separate this Boss from the Ganado as you need to stun as many enemies as possible.

Combat Guide

After stunning the Chainsaw Man and the nearby Ganado, immediately use your Knife on him by getting close enough to attack. You will see the weapon prompt as it is different to melee. The Boss will fall where you should then switch to the Shotgun to pummel the Villager’s back. He will inevitable stand up and in this moment, gain a distance from the hoard to then equip the Hand Grenade. Throw this towards the group, specifically under the Chainsaw Man’s feet. Once he is down again, repeat with the Shotgun if you still have bullets. Keep in mind that only 5 bullets are available to use here. If you were precise in your shooting, the Grenade and Shotgun bullets should be enough to keep him down and out of the fight. If you happened to miss any bullets, 5 more Hand Gun bullets should be enough to bring him down.

Keep in mind that the Chainsaw Man will use the chainsaw as a means to protect his head from the bullets. However, his left side of the face will be open to attacks. You need to focus on this area with both the Shotgun (if you did not use the bullets when the Boss was on the floor from the Grenade or Flash) and the Hand Gun to get in critical damage. If the Chainsaw Man gets too close, you can time a parry using the Knife by hitting the left trigger right when he is about to connect his attack. The Chainsaw Man will fall and all you have to do now is either survive by evading the Ganado or taking on as many as you can to hit the kill count of 15.

That is our guide on how to easily beat the Chainsaw Man in the Resident Evil 4 Remake. Thank you for reading and we hope it proved of help. For more RE4 Remake content, feel free to check out Gamer Journalist and stay tuned for many more guides incoming.

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