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How to Earn Winter Coins in Roblox Bedwars

Winter. Coins. Winter Coins.
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Earning coin is the best thing in the world. Well, except for being loved by the closest to you, but who has time for that, right? Ok, that was sad. But anyway, getting to collect money in-game will let you advance in status and let you buy, in this case, quite the fancy cosmetics that are a testament to your commitment and hours spent on the game. That is the case with Roblox Bedwars and the limited Winter Event 2022, starring the White Coins as its limited currency. Here is how to earn Winter Coins in Roblox Bedwars.

How to Earn Winter Coins in Roblox Bedwars

Before we begin, you need to understand that Winter Coin is a currently limited to the Winter Event 2022 that is currently happening because, you know, we’re in winter (at least in the other part of the world from where I live), and we’re in 2022. Duh. These serve the purpose of buying exclusive cosmetic items that can be purchased, you guessed it, exclusively in the Winter Event 2022 shop. So we’re talking about an event, currency, and items strictly related to winter, snow, and Christmas. That’s neat. So, how do we earn them? It is pretty easy and straightforward. In fact, all you have to do is to complete missions during this timed event. Daily missions will be able to reward you with 1,250 Winter Coins, while weekly missions will reward you with 5,000 Winter Coins.

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Be sure to collect all of your daily and weekly rewards on time and spend them getting those nice cosmetics. Winter Event 2022 is happening in Roblox Bedwars from December 17 to January 13, so you will have a little less than a month to collect all possible coins available. Happy coin gathering and have a great Winter Event!

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