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BedWars Gliders and Triple XP Update

Here's a look at the new BedWars Gliders and Triple XP update log
BedWars Gliders and Triple XP Update Log

The new weekly BedWars Gliders and 3X XP update is now live. The popular base battle game receives a smaller update this week, introducing a new movement item and focusing on a couple of tweaks. According to the developers, this week’s update goes a bit light on the changes in preparation for the larger Season 3 update taking place next week. We have the BedWars Hang Gliders and Triple XP update log below.

There’s a new squads map called Highschool, and the new weekly rotation of free kits includes Farmer Cletus, Melody, and Lassy. You can take a look at all the Roblox BedWars kits if you want an overview of each character. On a related note, Freiya is the focus of a few slight buffs, as players were giving feedback that she was a bit underpowered since her release.

BedWars Gliders and Triple XP Update Log

Hang Gliders 

  • Our newest movement item is purchasable for one emerald in the Item
  • Shop! This is a limited-time item and has been enabled in all modes.

Triple XP 

  • You only have one week remaining to unlock Season 2 rewards! Now is the perfect time to grind with 3x XP. 
  • Triple XP will last the entire week 

Free Kits of the Week

  • Farmer Cletus
  • Melody
  • Lassy

Map Changes

  • Added Highschool (squads)

Freiya Changes

Freiya felt a little underwhelming after her initial release. To compensate, we’re giving her slow ability a bigger impact. 

  • Increased base slow length (0.8s -> 1.6s) 
  • Increased amplified slow length (1s -> 2.5s)

Other Changes

  • Pyro’s Flamethrower no longer works through walls
  • Reduced Snowball throw rate (max of 6 per second now)
  • Reduced Guided Missile knockback
  • Fixed mobile controls for Flamethrower, Raven, and Gompy

Information was noted in the BedWars Discord.

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