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How to do the Rock Star Challenge in BitLife

Be excellent to each other!
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A new challenge is available in BitLife called the Rock Star challenge. It’s time for your chosen character to become a rock icon, hit the rock, and travel with groupies to play in the most absurd plays. It should take you a bit of time and practice to master this challenge, but it’s also going to be fun. Party on, Garth.

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Here are the requirements for the challenge:

  • Become a famous pop star
  • Sleep with 100 lovers
  • Appear nude in a magazine
  • Build a net worth of $100 million

Luckily, to become a pop star, you don’t have to focus on any form of schooling or attempt to keep your smarts up. Your primary concern is to focus on keeping your looks as high as possible, especially when you need to sleep with 100 lovers. Keeping your looks up should be pretty simple to keep your appearances in check, and everyone will love you. The next step is to gain access to fame. You can do this by applying for any social media accounts and increasing a vast amount of followers. Make sure to post every day, engage your followers, and focus on obtaining more each year.

To start your career as a pop star, you need to start the profession by applying for the backing vocalist. It’s not the best way to start you off, but it’s where you go to start. You have to work hard at the career to eventually receive the promotion of becoming a pop star. Once you’re a pop star, things begin to truly start cooking.

You can start sleeping with as many people as possible by meeting them through dating and choosing to have a one night stand. The requirement is to do this with 100 people, so starting early is a good strategy.

To appear nude in a magazine, all you have to do is offer a photoshoot for a magazine label. When you’re famous, many of them will approach you with the offer, but it doesn’t hurt to find ways to promote commercials to keep your fame high.

The final requirement, having a networth of $100 million, you can be doing this the entire time throughout your career. You’ll start to earn month pretty quick, and it doesn’t have to be done purely from the pop star profession. You can do this by promoting products on social media, offering to write books, and a great way to ensure you don’t lose your money is to purchase homes and letting them sit there. Homes that are well maintained will accumulate additional value, boosting your net worth, which is the best route.

It’s a hard life, but someone has to do it. Make sure to consistently reach out to dates to sleep with them to raise that overall value, and you should be good to go. Avoid the drugs part, and you should live for a long time, too.