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How to Defeat the Arrowhead Boss in Soulstice

Arrowhead is the first boss in Soulstice. Need a helping hand bringing him down?
Arrowhead boss in Soulstice
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The Arrowhead is the first boss fight of Soulstice and the one that was available in its demo so some may already be familiar with this formidable opponent. Thankfully since players are still getting to grips with controlling Briar and Lute and with the initially limited access to their potential in power and strategies, the approach to beating Arrowhead is a lot more streamlined and straightforward. This boss is encountered in Chapter 5.

How to Defeat the First Boss Encounter of Arrowhead in Soulstice

You will have a limited number of resources at your disposal when encountering Arrowhead because it is so early in the game. We mean this in what weapons you have to choose from and what stock may be in your inventory at this moment – although if you want you can always stock up on consumable items from Layton’s shop, but it is not a must for this boss fight.

Defeating Arrowhead is a lot less tricky than its other bosses. The approach here is simple – maintain distance between Arrowhead and the sisters and always have your finger on the Banishment Field (RT button) when attacking the Arrowhead. When the Arrowhead aims for long-distance attacks which it will always do as a bow and arrow wielder, dodge the attacks. Time Lute’s slow ability with a well-timed press of the ‘B’ button whenever the prompt appears. Briar is able to dodge three times consecutively, so use that to your advantage after using Lute’s stop ability.

When attacking, the only weapons available in your arsenal at this point is your standard and default main weapon Ashen Vindicator, the Claymore, the long axe Ashen Enforcer and the gauntlets of The Hand of Retribution. The latter two are your additional side weapons, so the only way to fight him in this state is to bring it all right up close and personal with the Arrowhead in close combat. The Ashen Enforcer tends to be the best damage dealer of the weapons especially early on since increasing the other weapon’s strengths need more resources to unlock later down the line.

Kill the runts with heavy blows of the Ashen Enforcer and remember that you have to use Lute’s Evocation ability (LT button) to bring down the Wraith enemies to maintain a steady Unity level and quicker takedowns. Keep avoiding the heaviest attacks caused by the Arrowhead when it jumps on the wall to unleash strong strikes from above. The Arrowhead boss fight is mostly avoiding and dodging these bigger and heavier attacks until he comes back down to the ground where you can then hack and slash your way to it when it is at its most vulnerable in a close-quarter fight.

It will jump back time and time again when closing the distance, so keep rolling to him until he’s been defeated. You should not have to struggle much with Arrowhead, save all the headache with its upcoming boss fights!

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