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How to Defeat Shadow Alice in Persona 5 Strikers

How to Defeat Shadow Alice in Persona 5 Strikers

If there’s one iron-clad rule about dealing with peoples’ personal Shadows in Persona games, it’s that when you really make them mad, they turn into big spooky monsters. It’s bad enough having to fight a big spooky monster; it’s even worse when it exemplifies all of someone’s worst traits. But Shadow Alice is holding Shibuya’s desires hostage, and that simply won’t do. Here’s how to defeat Shadow Alice in Persona 5 Strikers.

At the top of Shadow Alice’s castle in the Shibuya Jail, the Monarch herself is awaiting you. She’ll give a little spiel about what she thinks she’s entitled to, but we all know how this is going down: not without a fistfight. She transforms into her true monstrous form, Mad Rabbit Alice, and the fight is on.

How to Defeat Shadow Alice in Persona 5 Strikers

Before you even start this fight, you’re gonna want a few things. Firstly, Alice is weak against Fire and Wind, and resistant to Psi, which means you’re gonna want to pack Ann and Morgana for this fight, and leave Haru and Makoto on the sidelines. Anyone else is fine for your fourth. Secondly, Alice uses a mix of physical and Psi attacks, so make sure none of Joker’s Personas are weak to either. Succubus is actually a great Persona to have on deck here if she’s sufficiently leveled, as one of her skills is Null Brainwash, which will keep you safe when Alice casts Marin Karin. Speaking of, some Brainwash-curing items wouldn’t go amiss here either.

The fight itself is broken up into two phases. For the first phase, Alice will cast basic Psi spells and take swings at you with her cane. What you want to be on the lookout for is when she jumps to the pole in the center of the stage and starts spinning. Stay back when she does this, or you’ll take a hit. When she finishes the attack, she’ll jump off and create a large shockwave on the ground, which you’ll have to jump over. However, if you look around the arena, you’ll notice Wind-element party poppers. When Alice starts spinning, Phantom Dash to a popper and pop it to knock her right off the pole.

When she’s down to half health, Alice will snap her cane and assume a more bestial stance. This is when you want to watch out for physical attacks, as she’ll take large, seeking swipes at you, as well as curl into a ball and spin around the arena. There’s no way to stop these, so just do your best to dodge. She’ll get dizzy afterward, so take the chance to hammer on her weaknesses. If you’re lucky enough to inflict a burn with Ann or Joker, you can follow up with a Wind spell from Morgana to land a technical. 

Play it safe and smart, and you’ll have that rabbit stuffed back into a hat in no time.

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