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How to Defeat and Farm Lord Elius in Arcane Odyssey

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Arcane Odyssey will have you facing some pretty strong bosses. On your journey, you will be gaining experience and weapons and magics to defeat your enemies. But one boss in particular might be proving harder than you’d expected. Lord Elius is a boss that will infuriate and annoy players with quick and large attacks. Here’s how to defeat Lord Elius in Arcane Odyssey.

How to Prepare for Lord Elius in Arcane Odyssey

In Arcane Odyssey, Lord Elius will prove to be a demanding and difficult boss. Before you go to defeat him, you’ll need to make sure that your character is strong enough. Thankfully, Lord Elius can be defeated efficiently with any sort of build. You’ll fare much better if your build has swift and opportunistic attacks, however.

You’ll want to be around level 50 to have moderate odds of defeating Lord Elius, and you’ll want to spec into vitality a fair amount. Having your maximum health under 500 would not be advised, unless you are very skilled in blocking, dodging or parrying to evade incoming damage.

If you are a melee build, having some sort of ranged attack will be necessary for the second stage.

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How to Defeat Lord Elius in Arcane Odyssey

Located in the Djin Ruins, Lord Elius will not hold any prisoners. With electrifying abilities, he will rely on swift AoE attacks. Most of your time spent fighting this boss will be of evading and dodging. Lord Elius thankfully has a decent downtime and attack opportunities, meaning that you should be able to frequently melt through his health points. It is easier for weapon builds to exploit these, however.

Initially, try not to focus on killing Lord Elius, just on surviving. Soon, you will learn his attack patterns and your muscle memory will learn to instinctively respond to his moves. In doing this, you will learn when his downtime is, and for how long it lasts. Don’t be scared to unleash your attacks during these periods before dodging away.

He does have a second phase in which he will be floating more and dealing more damage. Don’t put dealing damage over surviving, even if he is close. During this stage, he has access to quick, damaging attacks with a large AoE. You will need very quick projectile or ranged attacks to finish him off.

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