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How to defeat Acheron’s boss, the Wheel Aspect, in Metal: Hellsinger

Don't loose your footing
wheel aspect intro in Metal Hellsinger
Image via the Outsiders

You’ve come far in Metal: Hellsinger to be facing the Red Judge’s seventh and final Aspect, the Wheel Aspect, in the Hell of Acheron. You’ve done well, but this trial still awaits. Without Paz, your trusty guide and weapon, things may seem hopeless, but through pure firepower and will, you’ll topple this boss like all the others. Here is how to defeat the Wheel Aspect in Metal: Hellsinger.

How to beat the Wheel Aspect in Metal: Hellsinger

Before the fight

The Wheel Aspect is a very challenging boss, so you’ll want to go into the fight with 16x fury and all of your ultimates charged and ready to go. Due to not having access to Paz, keeping your fury up will be difficult, but not impossible. You’ve played for this long, so you should be able to keep up the intensity of slaughtering beasts. But if you don’t, don’t worry. You’ll be able to build it back up in the fight.

For this fight, you will have all of your weapons available to use. Vulcan is too much of an asset for this fight to leave it behind. You won’t want to be getting close to this boss, so The Hounds will be a prefered secondary. The Ghost Rounds III Sigil will be essential.

During the fight

Not only is the boss incredibly dangerous, but the environment is, too.

You must watch you footing on the three gears. They will rotate in differing directions, making it hard to stay still. There will be a small rocky plinth with lots of Styx Crystals along the wall behind you. This is stable ground but it is thin, and you won’t get to stand on it much as projectiles get hurled at you.

There are no boundaries for the fight. Anything off the gears is straight lava which will hurt you considerably. You need to watch where you are going, as the stress of keeping on-beat and the madness of the fight will distract you from the moving floor and boundless edges.

wheel aspect in Metal Hellsinger
Image via The Outsiders

As soon as you start, use the ultimate of whatever weapons you have, ignoring Vulcan’s and Paz’s ultimates. Try to deal as much damage as you can before the boss hurls a huge stream of projectiles at you.

The boss will be constantly producing orbs that will home in on you. The best thing to do is to keep dashing side to side to go through them You are invulnerable whilst dashing for a short period. Don’t even bother shooting until you can catch a break.

To mitigate damage, have Vulcan equipped and stay as far away as you can. Keep switching weapons between reloads to constantly have a stream of ten bolts to pummel into the boss. Aim for the head.

The Wheel Aspect will dematerialize at certain points and will send a horde of enemies towards you. The Hounds are great at making tougher enemies vulnerable for slaughter, which would be a great source of health. Use Vulcan to quickly dispatch the rest. These enemies are tough, so don’t let them overwhelm you.

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defeating wheel aspect in Metal Hellsinger
Image via the Outsiders

There is no cover in this arena, so you will truly have to keep dodging and try to limit your use of Styx Crystals as much as you can. As and when, exploit Ghost Rounds III to unload huge damage to the boss. You will defeat the final Aspect in no time.

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