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How to Craft Maximum Gear Score Items in New World

How to Craft Maximum Gear Score Items in New World

When you reach the endgame in New World, your primary goal is likely to get the maximum Gear Score on all your items. One way to achieve this is by mastering a crafting Trade Skill. With all the right perks, you can use Armoring, Weaponsmithing, Engineering, Arcana, and Jewelcrafting to craft top-end items. You can influence your overall gear score with the help of a few items and perks. This guide will show you how to craft maximum Gear Score items in New World and everything you’ll need to make it happen.

It is important to note here that this process only applies to the common items you can craft, such as tools like the Orichalcum Mining Pick, armor like the Orichalcum Plate Breastplate, and so on. Rare or “named” items from the crafting stations already have a predetermined gear score that you cannot influence. Pay attention to the Potential Gear Score when crafting an item located on the top right-hand side of the crafting window.

New World Potential Gear Score

How to Craft Maximum Gear Score Items in New World

To craft maximum Gear Score items in New World, you will need to influence your gear score by using the following:

  • Maximum crafting skill level
  • Epic primary, secondary, and tertiary materials
  • Crafting gear perks
  • Trade skill food
  • Trophies
  • Town Project Board bonuses
Minimum Gear ScoreMaximum Gear Score
Trade Skill Level0+25
Epic Materials+45+45
Gear Perks+15+15
Trade Skill Food+15+15
Town Project Buffs+50

Maximum Crafting Skill Level

Without any modifiers, Tier V base items have a 500 Gear Score. Having a maximum crafting skill level influences the overall maximum Gear Score level by 25. 

Epic Materials

Each item you craft requires primary, secondary, and tertiary ingredients. Using the epic variants in these slots boosts the total maximum and minimum gear score by 45 (15 per material).

Examples of epic crafting materials in New World include:

  • Metal – Asmodeum
  • Leather – Runic Leather
  • Wood – Glittering Ebony
  • Cloth – Phoenixweave

Crafting gear perks

You can purchase a set of armor, including helm, chest, gloves, shoes, pants, and an earring with the appropriate crafting bonus perk. For example, an engineer will want to look for Engineering Expertise on all pieces of gear. Each piece provides a +2 minimum and maximum Gear Score, and the Earring can give a mastery perk for +5 minimum and maximum Gear Score. All pieces considered, this boosts your overall minimum and maximum Gear Score for a given crafting profession to +15.

New World - Maximum Gear Score - Gear Perks

You can visit a Trading Post and look for the items that say “Armorer Expertise” and “Armorer Mastery,” for example. Go to the perks filter and select the one that corresponds with the Trade Skill you are using.

Trade Skill Food

You’ll also want to make sure to craft or purchase and eat the proper trade skill for your given profession. For example, Herb-Crusted Vegetables is a Tier V food that increases the minimum and maximum Gear Score for crafted Engineering items by 15. Each food lasts for 40 minutes, giving you plenty of time to use its effects. Here are all the Tier V Trade Skill foods that influence Gear Score:

  • Herb-Crusted Vegetables – Engineering
  • Glazed Melon Bread – Jewelcrafting
  • Savory Vegetable Medley – Weaponsmithing
  • Sweet Wild Berry Infusion – Arcana
  • Spicy Cabbage Soup – Armoring
New World - Maximum Gear Score - Trade Skill Food


Another way to increase crafting items’ Gear Score is by using trophies in all three of your houses. Each house can have one trophy per trade skill, so if you have three houses, you can get a total of +15 to minimum Gear Score for a trade skill by using a Major Crafting Skill trophy in all of them.

Town Project Board

Finally, the last way to boost your crafted item gear score comes from the Town Project Board buffs. You can go to any settlement where you own a house, visit the town hall, and interact with the Territory Planning Board (the big map). Click on Improved Lifestyle to see which buffs are currently active. Ideally, you’ll want to wait until you have the relevant buff active for your trade skill. For example, armorers will want Armorer’s Inspiration for a +5 minimum Gear Score bonus.

New World - Maximum Gear Score - Town Project Board

With all the above perks, gear, and buffs active, you will have a potential Gear Score of 595-600 on your crafted items. So, that’s how to craft maximum Gear Score items in New World.

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