Bitlife Valentines Challenge

How to Complete the Valentine’s Challenge in Bitlife

It’s nearly Valentine’s Day, and BitLife has released The Valentine’s Day Challenge right on cue. Another weekend means another challenge in BitLife, so it’s time to see if you got what it takes to complete this one as quickly as possible. Here’s how to complete the Valentine’s Challenge in BitLife.

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Love is in the air, Bitizen, and you’ve found yourself on the receiving end of Cupid’s arrow in this challenge.

How to Complete The Valentine’s Challenge in BitLife

Here are the Valentine’s Challenge requirements:

  • Cheat on a lover
  • Call off an engagement
  • Marry someone within a year of knowing them
  • Celebrate your 50th anniversary
  • Renew your vows

One of the easier tasks to check off the list is marrying someone within a year of knowing them. It’s easier to do this if you are rich, whether through royalty or other means, but it’s not a requirement. Go on a date and immediately propose as soon as possible. If the person declines, begin dating someone else and try again. Rinse and repeat until someone accepts.

Once you get married, you can age up 50 years to celebrate your 50th anniversary, which is another requirement for the Valentine’s Challenge. There’s not much to say here, other than you need to age up a total of 50 times. Once you do that, you should get credit for the objective and move on to renewing your vows.

To renew your vows in BitLife, head into the relationships tab and select your spouse. Scroll down, and you’ll see the option to Renew Vows near the bottom. A prompt will come up saying you and your wife or husband renewed your wedding vows. Check out the challenge tab to make sure you got the credit.

Next, you can focus on the objective of cheating on your lover. Head into the activities section, and choose the Love option. Select the option to Hook Up, and then complete the additional steps that pop up. Once the deed is done, you should only have one challenge requirement remaining. 

The final objective is to call off an engagement, which requires you to get divorced from your current spouse. Tap on your spouse’s name, and select the Divorce option. Next, you can head back into the Love section and find someone to date. Now, you can buy a ring to make sure they accept the engagement, or you can wing it and keep trying to find someone who will say yes. When you are engaged, tap on your Fiancee’s name, and choose Cancel Engagement.

There you have it, that’s how to complete The Valentine’s Challenge in BitLife.