How to Complete the Shaolin Monk Challenge in BitLife

It’s time for another weekly BitLife challenge to put your skills to the test and see how you stack up against the rest of the world. This weekend, it’s time to center yourself as you embark on ‘Crouching Tiger, Hidden Bitizen: The Challenge.” You’ll have to channel your inner monk, master the martial arts, and put those skills to good use. Here’s how to complete the Shaolin Monk Challenge in BitLife.

How to Complete the Shaolin Monk Challenge in BitLife

The requirements for the Shaolin Monk Challenge in BitLife are:

  • Be a monk for 20+ consecutive years
  • Meditate annually for 30+ consecutive years
  • Earn the top belt in every martial art
  • Kill three people with martial art moves

We’ll start off the same way we begin every BitLife challenge: starting a new life. Your choices here don’t matter at all, so pick what you want. Age up until about eighteen years old, and you can start looking for some jobs. Tap on the Occupations button, and go to Jobs. You should see an option to work as a Monk at a Monastery. Apply for the position, and make sure to answer the interview question wisely.

After you get the job, you can increase your working hours to make your employer happy so you can keep the job for twenty years. Next, you’ll need to meditate every year for thirty consecutive years. Go to the Activities tab and tap on Mind & Body. Select the option to meditate, and make sure to do this every single year for thirty years in a row.

Now it’s time to master every single martial art like a true Shaolin Monk. Go back into the Mind & Body tab, and tap on the Martial Arts option. You can focus on one type of Martial Arts when you’re young and then master the rest after you hit 18 years old and up. To master martial arts, you can continuously practice one of them until you no longer earn any new belts. Rinse and repeat this process until you’ve achieved the top belt in all of them. 

Finally, you’ll need to put those martial arts skills to the test and kill three people. To accomplish this, you’ll need to attack people using your martial arts moves. After a while, you’ll likely end up in jail, which is actually the perfect place to complete the challenge. While in Prison, under the Prison Activities section, you can tap on the Prison Yard option. Pick a random inmate and attack them. Under the ‘Pick your move’ option, pick something like Karate Chop (Karate). Make sure to finish off three people to complete the Shaolin Monk challenge in BitLife.