How to complete the Genghis Khan Challenge in BitLife

How to complete the Genghis Khan Challenge in BitLife

Do you have what it takes to conquer the world, or will you go down in flames? It’s a new weekend, which means it’s time for another BitLife weekly challenge. Genghis Khan was the emperor of the Mongol Empire, reigning from 1206 to 1227. You’ll need to try and imitate his life this weekend if you want to complete the BitLife Challenge. We’ll help you out each step of the way. Here’s how to complete the Genghis Khan Challenge in Bitlife.

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Becoming the most notorious emperor of Asia will be the challenge of your lifetime and the death of those who stand in your way. The challenge ends in four days from the time of writing this post.

How to complete the Genghis Khan Challenge in BitLife

Here are the requirements for the Genghis Khan Challenge:

  • Live in Mongolia
  • Become a general in the army
  • Own 10+ horses
  • Father 10+ children
  • Murder 3+ people

The first requirement is the easiest, and all you need to do is start a new life and select Mongolia from the country list. Next, you need to become a general in the army. You will have to age up, become an adult, and join the military. Go to university, and pick any major because that doesn’t matter for this challenge. Graduate and join the military as an officer from the Occupation menu. To become a general, you must first be an officer, which requires a college degree. Work hard every year and complete your deployments, and you’ll work your way up to a general.

Now that the first two requirements are done, you’ll have to own ten or more horses. To do this, you need to own an Equestrian Property, because you need some land for the horses. Once you own one, go to Activities and Pets, and the option for Horse Ranch should now be open.

For the next requirement, you need to father ten or more children. Adopting children will not work for this requirement, so you need to find a girlfriend and eventually have children. Once you have ten or more, you will get credit for it.

Finally, you need to murder three or more people. This requirement is another easy one, as you can go into the Crime section of the Activities and select who you want to murder. Rinse and repeat this step three times, and you should fully complete the Genghis Khan Challenge in BitLife. Good luck!