How to complete BitLife’s Next Top Model Challenge in BitLife

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The weekend has returned, and with it, another BitLife challenge for you to attempt to complete as quickly as possible. You’ll have a limited time to complete this challenge, earning a random appearance item to place on your BitLife avatar on your profile. This weekend’s challenge is called BitLife’s Next Top Model Challenge. In this guide, we’re going to cover all the tasks you need to do to complete BitLife’s Next Top Model Challenge in BitLife.

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All tasks in BitLife’s Next Top Model Challenge

You will need to complete these tasks before time runs out to earn the cosmetic reward. These are all of the tasks.

  • Join the Mean Girls clique in high school
  • Become a famous runway model
  • Achieve 90 percent fame
  • Publish a book about your career
  • Pose for a nude photoshoot

We recommend rolling a character with a high Looks and Health stat when creating a character. It will ensure you have a good chance of becoming a model, making most of this challenge much easier. Next, you want to ensure you begin with a female character and then join the Mean Girls clique when you reach High School. You can do this from the School tab and select the Clique you want to join.

After graduating high school, you want to look for a Foot Model job. This is the first step in becoming a model. To increase your chances of receiving this role and excel at this job, make sure to work out with your character, go to the salon, and eat healthy to keep your Health and Look stats as high as possible. You will need to maintain these throughout the year. You will eventually become a Runway Model as you progress through this career.

You now need to reach 90 percent fame with your character. You can follow this career path by participating in commercials, flourishing in your career, or writing books, which is one of these tasks for this challenge. You also have the option for your character to pose nude, and should you receive an offer for this, you will need to accept it to finish this challenge.

Once you’ve completed all these tasks, you will have completed BitLife’s Next Top Model challenge, unlocking a random appearance item for your character.