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How To Change Hair Strands In Resident Evil 4 Remake

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In Video Game history little can be said in regard to Developers effectively and precisely hitting the flow of hair strands. Typically, hair either looks stiff or moves in a way that is constantly denying the laws of psychics. Fast forwarding from a time of getting distracted by Lara Croft’s PS1 design to take us away from the movement of her hair to what we know now with the likes of Final Fantasy, The Last of Us and of course Resident Evil, hair has improved tremendously although it is still not perfect. As Video Game aesthetics are improving every year in regard to lighting, shadows, environmental landscape. Although I cannot say that last point about Resident Evil 4 Remake (I am looking at you, grass and rain). But players now can change how hair strands look in the Remake. Here is how to do so.

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The Importance of Aesthetics in a Video Game

As you are playing through the Resident Evil 4 Remake, you likely will not notice that particular care has been put into Leon Kennedy’s hair. Whilst Capcom’s Remakes in the franchise has always looked impressive compared to other recent AAA Video Games, their attention to detail is what puts Capcom above others. However, given the opportunity to change Hair Strands is unique and I cannot say that I have been given this option before in a Video Game. Not even in games with the ultimate customization options such as Mass Effect or Hogwarts Legacy give you the option to change the depth and and fluffiness of a character’s hair.

Why is Hair Strands customization an option though? Whilst Resident Evil 4 Remake is aesthetically stunning, there are some details that are quite questionable in comparison to all of its dark beauty. Details such as the grass within the Village looking less than desirable with off-lighting and a lack of textures. Whilst the rain in the game is getting an overhaul, environmental details such as the grass can stand out as well in a game which on the surface, looks insanely good.

How to Change Hair Strands in Resident Evil 4 Remake

To change Hair Strands in Resident Evil 4 Remake, you need to head straight into Options on the Main Menu. From here, you need to head to Display and scroll down to the last option. Here you will see the Hair Strands option to either turn ON or OFF. The purpose of this is to add depth into Kennedy’s hair, increasing its “fur and quality”.

When comparing these two options to each other, Kennedy’s hair on default is lighter and a more solid structure. The movement in the default is definitely stiffer although it is not noticeable, especially if you did not know that another option for Hair Strands was available in the game to adjust. But by turning Hair Strands ON you may note that there is more movement, adding to its realism. Not just this but, you can definitely see depth in regard to more detail added to each strand. His hair is highlighted further by appropriate lighting and shadows being added to bring his hair to life.

But honestly, this visual change is not necessary as the default still looks great. Kennedy has embodied the K-Pop Idol aesthetic either way.

That was our guide on how to change Hair Strands in Resident Evil 4 Remake. What option do you prefer? Please feel free to browse for more Resident Evil guides and content if you are interested. Thank you for reading our short guide.

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