How to Change Character Appearance in Saints Row

Change your face as easily as you'd change your shirt.
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One of the funny things about the original Saints Row games is how you could change the boss’s entire body and appearance at the drop of the hat, and none of the characters would ever question it. They probably knew it was pointless to question any of the boss’s wild whims. This wacky feature has carried over into the new Saints Row, where it’s even easier to completely change yourself. Here’s how to change character appearance in Saints Row.

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How to Change Character Appearance in Saints Row

Unlike in the original Saints Row games, where you’d need to visit a plastic surgeon to change your face or body or your crib to change your clothes, the new Saints Row allows you to change both on the fly. As long as you’re not in the middle of a mission, you can completely overhaul your character however your mood dictates.

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To change your character’s appearance, all you need to do is bring up your phone menu by pressing either the Tab key on your keyboard on the back button on your controller and clicking on the Style app. When you open the Style app, you’ll immediately be taken back to the character creator menu, where you can change your boss’s face, body type, voice and personality, and all that good stuff. If you ever get tired of your boss’s voice, for example, a different one is a quick click away!

The only catch to this is that unlike the character menu you get when you first start the game, you won’t have full reign over your character’s clothing. Once you’re into the game proper, you can change your character’s clothes at any time with the Style app, but you can only use clothes you’ve actually obtained in-game. If you want more clothes, you’ll need to complete certain missions, or visit one of Santo Ileso’s numerous clothing shops.

Image via Deep Silver Volition

You can find clothing stores all over the world map, denoted by a white t-shirt icon. Clothing stores sell hats, shirts, jackets, pants, shoes, undies, and various accessories you can use to punch up your character. The only cosmetic you can’t get from a clothing store is a tattoo. You’ll need to visit a dedicated tattoo parlor for that, though once you’ve bought a tattoo, you can freely apply and remove it in the Style app.

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