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How to break through the Insurgents’ Stronghold in Outriders

How to break through the Insurgents Stronghold Outriders

Outriders is a looter-shooter game with questing elements to it, and your main goal is to find the source of a mysterious signal on planet Enoch. You’ll be completing many quests that entail clearing out mobs of enemies, but if you’re new to the game, some of the mechanics can take a while to learn. Here’s how to break through the insurgents’ stronghold and clear the bunker in the ‘Frequency’ quest in Outriders.

How to break through the insurgents’ stronghold in the Frequency Quest in Outriders

Frequency is a multi-step quest that involves killing a giant spider, Molten Acari, and infiltrating an insurgents’ stronghold. Most of the missions entail straight-up mowing through mobs, but a couple of confusing parts might leave you scratching your head.

You might get stuck at the part where you need to break through the Insurgents’ stronghold and activate the bunker windows. After pulling the lever, the window will open, and a few waves of mobs will come at you. They’ll rush inside the bunker to get you if you don’t take them out quick enough. When you manage to destroy them all, no key drops like in the last bunkers. You also can’t go through the door because there’s a bunch of rubble blocking it, so how the heck do you get through this bunker? Well, you’ll need to jump through the window by pressing Spacebar or the take cover button on the controller. It’s common sense if you know that you could jump over and through things. However, this is an early game mission, so you still might be learning the controls.

Make your way up the mountain and take out the rest of the insurgents. You’ll need to send the cable car up to Zahedi to finish up the questline and progress to the next area. Keep in mind if you have this on the highest world tier difficulty, it might be pretty challenging. You can adjust the difficulty by lowering the world tier in options. If your gear isn’t up to par, Outriders does a good job of punishing you for it. Good luck!

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