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How to befriend Villagers in Potion Permit

Making friends can be easy!

There is a lot to do in Potion Permit. You’re going to want to always be checking in on things and collecting and finding what you need. One of the key aspects of the game is to befriend and help out the villagers of Moonbury. It will take a good bit of time but the rewards will help you progress further into the game. Also, who doesn’t want to be well-liked by everyone in town? Here is how to befriend the villagers in Potion Permit.

Meeting the towns folk in Potion Permit
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Befriending the Townsfolk

Befriending the townsfolk of Moonbury is very important. You can talk to them every day and it slowly builds up an affinity meter with them that you have to completely fill. You can befriend everyone from the Mayor of the town to the owners of the various stores to even the children. It will take a good bit of time to gain all their trust and friendship, but there is one way to help speed things along.

After healing a villager, along with money as a reward you are also given a number of Moon Cloves. Moon Cloves are just simple friendship tokens that the people of Moonbury seem to exchange to show they would like to be friends. This greatly builds up a chunk of the affinity meter a lot faster than just talking to them day to day.

Becoming Friends

Once you max out the first level of a villager’s affinity meter, a new side story with that character will be unlocked. You can find where to go to meet that character or another character to start that side story from the big blue bulletin boards that are stationed throughout the town. There are three bulletin boards in town specifically for these side-story quests. The most common and easiest one to find in in the town square north of the fountain.

Once you have completed the storyline, they are now you friends! Congratulations. From there you can rebuild the meter further and max out their friendship completely. You will once again have a side story to do and be rewarded for maxing out their friendship. However, for six villagers in the game, it doesn’t end there.

Romancing a Villager

Once you have maxed out the friendship of 6 specific villagers, you can continue to a 3rd level where you can romance them. Fall in love with a villager of your choosing and have them fall in love with you too! It works the same way as the previous levels of befriending and ends with another storyline. This final storyline when complete means you and that particular someone are going steady! Here is a list of your romance options.

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