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How to Become Katana Man in Chainsaw Man: Devil’s Heart

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Chainsaw Man: Devil’s Heart is a Roblox experience inspired by the anime Chainsaw Man. Players will be running around fighting fiends and zombies and bosses as they work towards becoming a hybrid. Most players know, and expect, that they can become Chainsaw Man, but not a lot know that you can also become Katana Man. Here’s how to become Katana Man in Chainsaw Man: Devil’s Heart.

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Becoming Katana Man in Chainsaw Man: Devil’s Heart

Katana Man is an antagonist in Chainsaw Man, and is a hybrid, like Chainsaw Man. You may be disappointed to know that when you become a hybrid in Chainsaw Man: Devil’s Heart, you don’t actually have a choice in which hybrid you get. You could become Chainsaw Man or Katana Man when you get the doctor to turn you into a hybrid, and you’ll only know after the surgery is complete.

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If you don’t know how to become a hybrid, then you must talk to the nurse in the hospital when you’ve located a Devil’s Heart and have 10,000 Yen. The operation will then proceed. Once you have become a hybrid in Chainsaw Man: Devil’s Heart, you must simply walk onto the street and press ‘T’, to activate your hybrid. You will then turn into either Chainsaw Man or Katana Man.

Both characters have different movesets, with Chainsaw Man popularly believed to be the superior hybrid. But if you want Katana Man specifically, then unfortunately you have no choice but to hope that you get him. And no, having a katana equipped does not increase your chances of becoming Katana Man.

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