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How to Beat the Puppet Singer in Tower of Fantasy

Defeating the boss will be no sweat.
The boss enemy Puppet Singer in Tower of Fantasy
Image via Hotta Studio

The Tower of Fantasy Vera update is the game’s first major patch since its inception. The update adds tough bosses, new raids, fresh places and some magnificent weapons. Out of all the bosses in the game, the Puppet Singer is a tricky boss to defeat. In this guide, we will go over tips and tricks to help you defeat the tough boss.

How to Beat the Puppet Singer in Tower of Fantasy

The Puppet Singer is the latest Joint Operations world boss in Tower of Fantasy update 2.0. Players who are above level 75 can challenge it in The End Game instance in Joint Operations. The challenge is available on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday.

Character using agility against  Puppet Singer to defeat it
Image via Hotta Studio

To beat the Puppet Singer in Tower of Fantasy, you will first need to locate the boss. Before you search, make sure you are above level 74 and have over 40% of progress in the Vera region.

Players can find the Puppet Singer in Grayspace. It’s a different dimension of Vera where you can find many other bosses. Enter the Grayspace using the Grayspace Fissures scattered around the Vera map. You can also use Grayspace Scriptures.

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Fighting Puppet Singer in Tower of Fantasy

Defeating the Puppet Singer is tricky, but we will mention some pointers to help you cruise.

Try to use long range attacks as much as possible. This will help land hits on the boss even when it teleports around the field. The Puppet Singer mostly uses AOE attacks around it including Circular Slash and Shout and Slash. It also uses short range attacks like Wind Slash and Aerial Skate. Long range attacks will help you maintain a safe distance and dodge attacks better.

The Puppet Singer summons mirrors which traps you and stops time. It’s best to attack the time-stopping vessel in the middle of the area. Also try to use grievous and volt elemental damage attacks in Tower of Fantasy. These elements dish out some serious damage to the boss.

If you have questions about the game, head to our dedicated guide’s page for more info on Tower of Fantasy.

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