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How to Beat Shiver in Splatoon 3 Hero Mode

How did she get a giant shark down here...?
Image via Nintendo

Considering they’re one of the most famous (or perhaps infamous) forms of marine life, it’s kind of surprising how little we’ve seen of sharks in Splatoon so far. That’s officially changed as of Splatoon 3 in possibly the coolest way it possibly could have: during a boss fight. Here’s how to beat Shiver in Splatoon 3 Hero Mode.

How to Beat Shiver in Splatoon 3 Hero Mode

Shiver is the third boss of Splatoon 3’s Hero Mode. Much like her ally Frye, Shiver doesn’t fight with Inkling or Octoling weapons. Her weapon of choice is her gigantic pet, Master Mega the shark. Hope you haven’t watched Jaws lately.

When the fight starts, Shiver will ride Master Mega in a circle around the stage. Occasionally, they’ll dive under the ink and quickly flip up to let loose a giant slash of ink. Additionally, they may dive under the stage and start homing in on you, leaping up to take a bite after getting under you. Finally, if Master Mega pauses on the rim of the stage for a moment, he’s going to charge directly at you. If you’re quick, you can throw Smallfry or a Sub Weapon into his mouth, leaving him stunned on the stage for a few seconds. During this time, as well as while they’re circling, and for a few moments after the bite attack, you can continuously shoot at Master Mega to ink him up. When he’s fully inked, he’ll buck Shiver onto the stage, where you can splat her.

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For the second phase, Shiver and Master Mega will start by reducing the size of the stage. After that, they will lob a few more tail blades at you before swimming into a large tornado of ink. They’ll jump between several different tornados to disorient you before letting loose a powerful beam of ink down the middle of the stage. Master Mega will be tired for a moment after this, so lob a Sub Weapon into his mouth to stun him again. That stun should be just long enough to ink him completely, exposing Shiver for another splatting.

Image via Nintendo

For the final phase, Shiver and Master Mega reduce the size of the stage one more time and begin circling again. Because the stage is smaller, they’ll move faster, and their tail blades will come out quicker, so keep them in your line of sight. They’ll swim into a tornado again, jump around a bit, then fire off another ink beam. Don’t stand still, though, because this time Master Mega will fire off three ink beams right after another before taking a breath. Once again, launch something into his mouth to stun him and ink him up. Because the stage is so small, he’ll get back to the water before you can ink him fully, so just blast him while they’re circling or wait for another stun chance. Either way, when Master Mega is fully inked, splat Shiver for the last time.

Shiver and Master Mega will withdraw after their defeat, leaving you to claim the second piece of the strange machine.

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