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How to Beat Mr. Grizz in Splatoon 3 Hero Mode

That's a whole lotta fuzz.
Image via Nintendo

Since his introduction in Splatoon 2 as the owner and proprietor of GrizzCo, Mr. Grizz has been a source of rampant speculation among the Splatoon fanbase. In Splatoon 3’s Hero Mode, we finally learned his true identity: a giant, mutant bear seeking to cover the Earth in Fuzzy Ooze and revive the mammalian ways. Definitely wasn’t expecting that, but he must be stopped! Here’s how to beat Mr. Grizz in Splatoon 3 Hero Mode.

How to Beat Mr. Grizz in Splatoon 3 Hero Mode

After a pretty awesome intro cutscene, you’ll be dropped onto Mr. Grizz’s rocket mid-flight. The rocket is littered with Golden Eggs, which you’ll need to collect as you advance toward Mr. Grizz. You’ll be blocked by a line of Fuzzy Ooze, but if you collect all of the Eggs, you can lob Smallfry at the Fuzzball to remove it. As you approach Mr. Grizz, he’ll take large, inky swipes at you with his claws and launch homing missiles from his back. The slashes can just be sidestepped, but you may need to take cover to avoid the missiles. He’ll also deploy Octotroopers, which you can shoot down easily, and Inkstrike bombs, which you can just run away from. When you get right up to Mr. Grizz, fire on the patch of Ooze on the right side of his body until it reveals another Fuzzball. Have Smallfry gobble it up to hurt him.

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Mr. Grizz will move further up the rocket, deploying some shielded Octotroopers to block you. Start moving forward again, collecting Golden Eggs, but when you see him curl up into a ball, brace yourself. Mr. Grizz will start spinning the rocket to try and knock you off, so run and swim in the opposite direction to keep yourself upright. If you didn’t manage to get the Eggs before the spinning started, don’t worry, they’ll come back around. Once you’re back to where you were, grab the Eggs and remove the Ooze barricade. Mr. Grizz won’t use any new tricks for the moment, so just advance forward, grab the Eggs, and shoot the Ooze on the left side of his body to reveal a Fuzzball for Smallfry.

Image via Nintendo

For this last phase, you’ll need to jump between a few platforms while avoiding Mr. Grizz’s attacks to get the Eggs you need to clear out the Ooze. Past the first barricade, Mr. Grizz will roll the rocket again, so just do what you did before to stay upright. Just be mindful of the Ooze walls in your way this time. Once you clear the last barricade, Mr. Grizz will warm up for a Killer Wail, telegraphing the beam with a large danger zone. Get yourself out of the danger zone and wait until the beam finishes, then run up and shoot the last patch on his chest to reveal the Fuzzball.

We’re not quite done yet, unfortunately. Mr. Grizz will try to detonate the rocket manually, but luckily, you have the last-minute aid of both DJ Octavio’s Octobot King and the newly-evolved Hugefry. You have 3 minutes and 33 seconds to destroy the four Fuzzballs hanging off of Mr. Grizz’s body while Hugefry keeps him busy. Octavio will open a hatch for you on top of his mech, which you can take control of with ZL.

Guide the Octobot close to Mr. Grizz and hold ZR to use the Ink Vac on the Fuzzballs. Be ready to leave the hatch, as Octarians will appear on top of the Octobot to attack you. Just let go of ZL to leave the hatch, shoot them down, and get back in to keep sucking.

After the first Fuzzball is down, you’ll move over to the second one automatically. Mr. Grizz will create floating fake Fuzzballs in the path to the one on his body; if you touch one, it’ll knock you back, costing you time. Avoid the fakes and make your way to Mr. Grizz to attack the Fuzzball, but back up a bit when he swings his arm to attack Hugefry or you’ll get knocked back.

Image via Nintendo

For the third Fuzzball, you need to avoid the orbit of fakes as you make your way closer, then start sucking it up. You’ll have to pop out quickly, though, as Octostamps and Octohoppers will appear on top of the mech. Defeat them quickly and finish sucking up the Fuzzball.

The last Fuzzball is a quick retread of what you just did. The fakes will be bobbing up and down, so avoid their orbit as you make your way closer. Deluxe Twintacle Octotroopers, Octocopters, and Octobombers will appear, so get rid of all of them as quickly as you can and resume sucking up the Fuzzball. When it’s destroyed, Octavio will bring the Octobot King right in front of Mr. Grizz. Hold down ZR to blast him with the full force of the Ink Vac!

Congratulations, you’ve beaten Splatoon 3’s Hero Mode! Don’t forget to claim your Hero Replica gear from the lobby terminal, and try the bonus level on Alterna’s first island if you dare.

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