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How to Beat Level 1, the Habitable Zone, in The Backrooms Footage

The habitable zone doesn't look so inhabited...
parking level in the backrooms footage
Image via Untold Backrooms Stories

The Backrooms Footage is a series of horror survival levels set in the perilous backrooms. Just because you may have escaped the lobby, doesn’t mean you’re free of the backrooms yet. You find yourself in the midst of a parking lot, dubbed the ‘habitable zone’. You’re going to need to escape here, too, if you want any chance of no-clipping back to your office. Here is how to escape level 1, the habitable zone, in The Backrooms Footage.

How to escape the habitable zone in The Backrooms Footage

You’re not alone

Firstly, you must get familiar with the force trying to hunt you down and rip you to shreds. Just like in the lobby, the cable creature from hell is roaming the concrete car park, also known as the bacteria. The map this time is quite small, so you’ll have to be super careful as you walk around. Thankfully, there is only one you need to take care of.

bacteria in the backrooms footage
Image via Untold Backrooms Stories

It will walk around slowly, so you can sneak around it as long as you are not too close and don’t go directly into its line of sight. If you do, then it will let out a skin-picking scream as it hurls itself towards you.

You run quicker than the bacteria,so simply run around until you lose it.

Finding the key

To actually escape this level, you need to find a key that will unlock one of the many doors strewn around. Again, the map is small, so finding it will be easy.

When the creature is lurking elsewhere, make your way towards the upwards ramp that looks as though it should be ascending to a different floor. If you get stuck finding it, follow the road markings.

When you find it, walk up the ramp to the top left corner, where the key will be waiting.

key in the backrooms footage
Image via Untold Backrooms Stories

Simply stand on it to pick it up. At that moment, one of the many doors will swing open.

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Escaping for good

With the door unlocked, all you need to do is run down the slope and keep running forwards till you hit the wall. A quick look to the right should reveal to you the open door.

open door in the backrooms footage
Image via Untold Backrooms Stories

Walk through it to escape into the next level.

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