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How to Beat Heimlock in Wolcen

The final Act 3 boss in Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem can be quite a challenge for many players. There are a few strategies and tricks you can use to make your fight go a little easier. This guide will provide you with some useful information so you can understand how to Beat Heimlock in Wolcen.

How to Beat Heimlock in Wolcen

This is a boss fight with three phases. In each phase, Heimlock gains more powerful abilities and the area you’re fighting in becomes more dangerous.

Here are some general tips to help you with this fight:

  • Toughness – respec most of your attributes into Toughness for maximum survivability. The other attributes are not nearly beneficial enough for this fight as Toughness. With over 7,500 HP, this fight is fairly straightforward and you should not be getting one-shot unless you stand directly in some abilities.
  • Sockets – make use of gems/jewels from the Jeweler in town. Add the maximum numbers of sockets to all your gear, and stack them with the best gems you can find. Add DPS to your weapons and health into your armor and you will have an easier time.
  • Levels – when you first encounter Heimlock, he will be level 40 or 41. Some players noted that if you go and level up your character, Heimlock will stay at 41 making it an easier fight.
  • Leech – if you are melee or do physical damage, life leech may be worth an investment. You can grab the Child of Fury node in the Gate of Fates along with the node behind it to stack your life leech. With around 30% of life leeched you shouldn’t be dying at all.

Look out for the orbs of lightning circling the level as they do a ton of damage if you run through them.

In Phase 3, utilize the domes of light to avoid the bombardment when Gernese says “Anathea protects this world!”

Make sure to also use your Aspects of Apocalypse (R key) whenever you’re in trouble. You can use this to avoid any killing blows if you’re quick enough and then transform back to save your juice.

You may have to retry the fight a few times before you learn the timing for all Heimlock’s moves. Restarting the fight is a quick run, so it’s no big deal. Good luck out there!

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