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How to Beat Fake Peppino in Pizza Tower

Rated NC-17 for Needlessly Creepy times 17.
pizza tower fake peppino
Image via Tour De Pizza

Evil doppelgangers of main characters are nothing new in video games. The concept has been around for decades since it makes for a pretty strong standby concept for late-game bosses. Considering that, though, how do we make a doppelganger interesting nowadays? How about making them incredibly unsettling? Here’s how to beat Fake Peppino in Pizza Tower.

How to Beat Fake Peppino in Pizza Tower

Fake Peppino is the fourth boss of Pizza Tower and… well, he’s exactly what he sounds like. A knockoff of our hero with warped proportions, a slightly-too-big grin, and the ability to generate a seemingly infinite supply of duplicates. His moves are all reminiscent of Peppino’s own, albeit with a few distinctive twists to keep you guessing.

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This fight is all about timing and positioning. Fake Peppino and his clones all move in very particular patterns, and once you see through his rhythm, you can easily get him right where you want him, provided you don’t get overwhelmed by the clones. To damage Fake Peppino, you just need to dash grab him twice to stun him, then hit him a third time to deal a point of damage.

Here are the moves Fake Peppino will use, in this precise order:

  • Dash Grab: Fake Peppino will run at you and attempt to dash grab you. Just grab him back while he’s running. After damaging him, his clones will attempt to grab you one after the other; jump over them.
  • Jump: Fake Peppino leapfrogs high into the air and attempts to land on you. Grab him after he lands. His clones will then do the same in rapid succession, so just run away.
  • Mach Dash: Fake Peppino will run around the entire room at high speed before coming to a stop, when you can grab him. His clones will then run up the walls and try to divebomb you. Dash left and right up the walls to avoid them.
  • Super Jump: Fake Peppino jumps to the ceiling, then back down at you a few times rapidly before resting, when you can grab him. His clones will appear in a line on the floor and jump; there will always be a gap in their line, so stand there to stay safe. Don’t dash or you’ll overshoot it.
  • Throw: Fake Peppino will yank his head off and throw it at you, then run to retrieve it. Grab him after he puts his head back on. His clones will run in headless from both sides of the room; stay in the center and jump left and right over them.
  • Taunt: Fake Peppino will taunt in the air, launching bouncing projectiles. Grab him after he lands. Two clones will taunt on both sides of the room while headless clones run in. Again, stay in the center and adjust your positioning to avoid the projectiles, periodically jumping to avoid the headless ones.

Fake Peppino’s Second Phase

pizza tower fake peppino double
Image via Tour De Pizza

For the second phase, Fake Peppino will perform the same moves in the same order. However, instead of taking a break to let his clones fight after taking damage, he’ll have one clone constantly helping him out, performing the same move he is. You can’t hurt the clone, so just avoid it and focus on damaging Fake Peppino when he leaves himself open. Remember, the clone is always wearing a darker-colored outfit.

After you drain Fake Peppino’s health again, the floor will break and drop the both of you into a dark hallway. He’ll transform into a giant monster and start chasing you, so start running. There aren’t any traps or enemies to worry about here, just keep on running as fast as you can, and don’t stop until you reach the door at the end.

Technically, you didn’t beat Fake Peppino, as he’s still in there after you escape, but, well, I think that’s about as much as we can be expected to interact with that guy.

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