How to beat Edric in Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem

How to beat Edric in Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem

Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem is finally out, and people who have not played the beat may have a tough time when it comes to the final boss of Act 1. This guide will give you an overview of his moves, along with some tips on how to defeat him.

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How to beat Edric in Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem

Edric is the final boss of Act 1, and he’s actually pretty challenging depending on your class. Melee and Ranged classes have a much easier time dealing with Edric than Spellcasters. The first thing you should know is Edric has 3 phases.

Edric Phase 1

To be fair, you can literally stand there and auto-attack him in this phase if you are tanky. None of his moves do much damage and should not be 1-hitting you or even coming close if you have over 1,500 health. His moves in this phase are easy to telegraph and he has only one ability where he moves: a shield charge.

He has one move where he throws a shield up in front of him and starts shooting at you. You can either just run around and dodge the bullets for a while, or teleport behind him and just start unleashing the fury.

Edric Phase 2

This phase adds a few more moves that deal quite a bit of damage. One move you need to look out for is his four-way cone blast. He will start in one direction and shoot in a cone in front of him, before moving on to do the same in three other directions. The trick here is once he finishes shooting in the first direction, move to it. You can now freely damage him for the next 5 seconds while he attacks the other directions.

Another move you need to look out for here is his charged shot. This is capable of one-shotting casters and weak ranged classes. Again, his moves in this phase are fairly simple to telegraph because there’s a short delay where you can tell he’s about to perform one.

Edric Phase 3

This phase will most likely frustrate you for a while. You really need to conserve your stamina and mobility skills in this phase. We also recommend getting a mobility skill like Light-Bringer or Aether Walk so you can jump over one skill in particular. Here are his skills in this phase:

Charging Whirlwind

Edric will leap forward and perform two whirlwind attacks that hit in a big area around him. The damage on this is not too bad, maybe 500-1000 damage if he manages to hit you. You can hit space to roll out of this one.

Ground Slam

Edric will jump up in the air, and perform a ground slam on your current location. This one can be tricky to dodge but it’s not a 1-hit kill. When he lands the ground will tremor in six different directions around him, so if he lands on you and then hits you with one of these you will likely die. Try and roll out of the way or use a mobility skill to get out of there before he lands on you.

Mortar Strike

This is Edric’s most annoying move. He basically shield-walls himself in the middle of the map three times in the fight, once at 75%, once at 50%, and once at 25%. He will then bombard various locations around the map while he’s invulnerable in the middle and ghosts will attack you while this is happening.

You can still damage him while he is shield-walled by using AoE moves. A good tip here is to time it so you can break his shield while he does the move because that will stop the move altogether. The bombs don’t hurt that much, but what does hurt is when he’s finished bombarding you. He will unleash a Flame Nova which will 1-hit kill you unless you’re very tanky (>2.5k HP). Luckily you can roll through this, or jump over / teleport through it.

General Tips

The bar beneath his health bar is his armor. You can drain this and he’ll become stunned for about 5 seconds where you can freely unleash damage on him. Try and save your skills so you can nuke him during this time and do maximum damage.

Conserve your stamina and your potion charges. Ghosts spawn throughout the third phase so you can easily get more charges back during this time. Be careful running around with low health, if you get caught in a move it will probably 1-shot you. Once you master the timing of all Edric’s moves, the fight will become a breeze.

There are a lot of people saying this fight’s damage is over-tuned, meaning he does too much damage. I think it’s challenging but not overly difficult, and it really requires you to understand your class and have good timing (unless you’re a tank, then you can just tank and spank). It’s refreshing to see they put a lot of thought into this fight and decided to make it a fun fight.

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