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How to Beat Amakusa Shiro in Live A Live

Dang ghosts with their ghostly tricks.
Credit: Nintendo/Square Enix

The only thing more annoying than trying to fight a strong guy is trying to fight a ghost. After all, a ghost is already dead. What are you gonna do, double-kill him? Well, as it turns out, that’s exactly what you have to do when confronted by one such ghostly individual in Live A Live. Here’s how to beat Amakusa Shiro in Live A Live.

How to Beat Amakusa Shiro in Live A Live

In the dungeon of the Ode Castle in Live A Live’s Feudal Japan chapter, there’s a treasure chest behind one of the cell doors. If you try to open that door and run in, though, the floor will collapse, and you’ll be dropped into a subterranean boneyard crawling with Lost Souls. Attempt to leave, and you’ll be confronted by Amakusa Shiro, one of Ode Iou’s generals and a powerful mystic who has transcended his physical form.

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Now, we’ve got good news and bad news. The good news is that Shiro is actually a pushover. If you get some diagonal distance from him, you can just pelt him with Shuriken Barrage or Phantom Butterfly and he’ll go down without too much trouble. The bad news is even if you beat him, he’ll just absorb all of the Lost Souls in the boneyard to rejuvenate himself and resume guarding the entrance.

Credit: Nintendo/Square Enix

What you need to do is walk up to each of the Lost Souls in the boneyard and defeat them in a fight to make them disappear. Much like Shiro himself, these Lost Souls aren’t very tough, so you can mop all of them up pretty quickly. Once all the Lost Souls have been destroyed, go beat Shiro again, and without Souls to heal himself, he’ll die for good.

Keep a couple of things in mind here: after you clear out all of the Lost Souls, you need to go and beat Shiro immediately. If you bring up your menu to save the game after clearing out the Lost Souls, they’ll all reappear immediately. However, this can actually be to your benefit if you’re a little underleveled. Each Lost Soul pays out some decent experience and you can fight them endlessly. If you don’t mind hanging around dead people for a little while, it’s a nice spot for some easy grinding.

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