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How to access the sex scenes in Subverse

Rewards for your progress.
Subverse Captain's Quarters

Games that offer fans the opportunity to see some more adult content usually have all of this in one hub so that players can access it all at once, and Subverse is no different. As you progress through the early parts of the game, you are introduced to the Pandora hub, a purpose-made area that allows you to unlock and interact with the sex scenes on offer.

As the captain, you can earn PP that you can then spend in Pandora to unlock all of the lewd content for your chosen female crewmate. This can then be put into a collection, and you can have them all show at once. The area is explicitly for viewing the sexual content and offers no other practical application for the gameplay beyond your viewing pleasure.

However, you don’t have access to it for a few story missions after being introduced to it. To get back to Pandora and access the sex scenes for your crew, you first need to make it to the part of the game where you can freely access each area of the Mary Celeste. This is about two to three hours into the game.

You need to enter the Captain’s Quarters, and then from here, you should be able to click on the bed within your quarters, and it will ask you if you want to go to the Pandora hub. 

From here, you can then cycle through the characters using the options at the bottom of the screen and choose any scenes that you want to unlock using any PP that you have stored. 

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