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How Superstar Mode Works in Rumbleverse

Superstar > Super Saiyan. Change my mind.
Rumbleverse goes live
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Rumbleverse is the crazy brawler battle royale that sees you smack down in 40 player fisticuff fights. As you all launch into Grapital City, you’ll be dolphin diving and drop kicking everyone in your way. Along your battling and bruising, you may find the game prompting you to activate Superstar mode, or you may see other players, ablaze in a brilliant blue glory, handing out massive damage and performing special moves. What is Superstar mode, and how do you activate it?

What is Superstar mode?

Superstar mode is essentially a temporary buff to your Rumbleverse character, ascending their stats to new levels. In Superstar mode, not only will your attacks be buffed and you will deal a lot more damage than your opponent, but you will regenerate health, get a speed and stamina boost, and you gain access to your Super Attack.

On its own, the Superstar mode will make you more than a match for any opponent, as you can catch them up, deal huge damage, and any hits they score on you will quickly be healed. The Super Attack is the main feature, however.

Instead of your regular unblockable special attack, your character will have access to the Super Attack, which consists of charging toward an opponent, launching them high into the air, and pummelling them to the floor, dealing insane damage. It deals the most damage from any single attack, and cannot be blocked. This attack will knock out most players once delivered, granted that they have been bruised up a little bit by other attacks.

As soon as your character uses their Super Attack, the Superstar mode will seize, so use it accordingly.

How to activate Superstar mode

To activate Superstar mode, you need to fill out your Superstar meter. This can be done by dealing damage to other players and collecting the blue stars dotted around the map. It is held in the popular belief that it requires 165 blue stars to fill up the meter, considering no damage is dealt.

As soon as the meter fills, you can activate Superstar mode at your leisure. If you get knocked out, and your Superstar meter is full, then you can bounce back, being revived with 30% of your health.

The Superstar meter will slowly drain when in Superstar mode, and once it is drained, you will revert back to your regular self. If you had used the Super Attack to prematurely end the Superstar mode, any remaining Superstar meter remains.

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