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How Many Players is Nobody Saves the World?

If you're wondering how many players Nobody Saves the World supports, you can find your answers in the guide below.
How Many Players is Nobody Saves the World?

Nobody Saves the World is a 2D action RPG from DrinkBox Studios, the developers behind popular titles like Guacamelee. It’s one of those games a lot of players might prefer to tackle with a friend. Something that’s easily possible thanks to some online multiplayer action. In this guide, we’ll explain everything you need to know about Nobody Saves the World multiplayer, including how many players it supports and how to join a friend.

How Many Players is Nobody Saves the World?

Nobody Saves the World features two-player multiplayer, which is limited to online-only. There is no couch co-op support in Nobody Saves the World at this time. You can enjoy the game with one other player over Xbox Live with full crossplay support.

How to Play Nobody Saves the World Multiplayer?

To play Nobody Saves the World online, players can select the Online Co-Op option from the main menu. At this point, one of the two players will need to be designated to the role of the host. Whoever is the host can select Create Game and either continue or create a new save file. When the game is up and running, you can select the second slot and press the Y button on your controller or the F key on your keyboard and mouse to invite the second player from your friends list.

It is worth noting that only the host’s progress will save in the game files. The second player in Nobody Saves the World’s online multiplayer is more or less a copy of the host, sharing everything as far as stats, gems, quest progress, and forms. In other words, when the session is over, only the game host can continue progress on their own or host the game again in the future for you both to continue where you left off. 

Nobody Saves the World’s multiplayer is more of a situation where the guest will be helping the host play through the game. Now, if you only plan to play the game when both players are online, this shouldn’t be an issue. It’s a good thing to know before diving into the adventure, though.

Nobody Saves the World is available on Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PC.

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