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How Many Chapters are in It Takes Two?

How Many Chapters are in It Takes Two?

Speaking as an introverted person, I can’t really stand to be in the company of others for more than a very specific amount of time. Of course, stranger circumstances often necessitate sacrifices, such as being transformed into a pair of dolls by a pleading wish from your daughter. That’d probably prompt me to suck it up, at least for a few chapters worth. But how many chapters are in It Takes Two?

Director Josef Fares’ previous games, Brothers and A Way Out, were pretty short affairs, clocking in at around 3 and 6 hours for a normal playthrough, respectively. It Takes Two, by contrast, is a much more lengthy and expansive experience, especially if you intend to play through the entire thing with a partner. According to longplayer testimonies, clearing the game’s main story can take anywhere from 12-15 hours, while a full completionist playthrough can take as long as 20 hours. Quite an expansion on A Way Out’s playtime, huh? But how exactly does that break up into chapters?

How Many Chapters are in It Takes Two?

It Takes Two’s story unfolds over the course of nine chapters.

  • Chapter 1: The Shed
  • Chapter 2: The Tree
  • Chapter 3: The Pillowfort
  • Chapter 4: Space Station
  • Chapter 5: Road to the Magic Castle
  • Chapter 6: Gates of Time
  • Chapter 7: Snowglobe
  • Chapter 8: Garden
  • Chapter 9: The Attic

Each of these chapters takes about an hour and change to complete, and they’re all capped off with some manner of boss fight. While the story doesn’t offer much in the way of replayability (don’t tell Josef Fares that, though, or he’ll scream at you), there are lots of little secrets and optional lore nuggets to collect that aren’t always immediately apparent, so if you look for them meticulously around every corner, that’ll probably pad your run time a bit.

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