How is Paladin for First Lost Ark Class?
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How is Paladin for First Lost Ark Class?

Discover whether the Paladin is the best class to begin your journey in Lost Ark!
Lost Ark Paladin
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The Paladin class in Lost Ark, otherwise known as the Holy Knight, is one of the advanced classes in the game. Providing you with a One-Handed Sword as well as a Holy Book, which can be used to deal damage or to protect you and your allies. That is what makes it one of the more valuable classes in the game. But, does that mean it’s one of the best classes to run with when you first start out?

Below we’ve got everything you need to know about how good the Paladin is as your first class in Lost Ark.

How is Paladin for First Lost Ark Class?

The warrior class of Paladin leans mostly towards assisting allies in combat with the use of the sword and Holy Book. It’s more of a support-based class, and you shouldn’t expect to deal a lot of damage as a result. Other classes such as the Shadowhunter, Gunslinger, and Sorceress outrank it in regards to pure damage output.

However, you will still have more than enough damage skills to progress through pivotal moments of the game. But your role will primarily be to support your allies with the use of your holy magic and monstrous sword.

Learning the ins and outs of Lost Ark takes time. For beginners, it helps to play with others. So, the Paladin class is actually one of the more reliable classes to start out with since you will be playing more of a supportive role anyway. Then, once you get more comfortable with how the game operates, and want to upgrade to a DPS class, you can switch over to a different class capable of dealing more damage to your enemies.

So, even though you won’t have access to any elite skills right away, the Paladin is one of the better classes when your first start playing Lost Ark.

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I level up as Paladin in Lost Ark?

As a Lost Ark Paladin, there are a few key skills you should focus on leveling up. The three most important ones are Charge, Wrath of God, and Dash Slash. Charge will allow your character to dash forwards. It only costs four points but increases the dash distance by a whopping three meters.

Wrath of God won’t unlock until level 18 but is one of just two high-damage AoE Holy skills that will be available to you as a Paladin. It enables you to clear out large packs of trash mobs and gain much needed experience. Meanwhile, Dash Slash is a sword skill that’s available at level 20 and will allow you to run forward before slashing up through enemies in a quick and fluid motion.

Is Paladin better than Bard Lost Ark?

Both the Paladin and the Bard are two of the most dominant support classes in Lost Ark. However, the Paladin is the better of the two for a few reasons. While the Bard has the ability to help allies live longer, and is, therefore, perhaps better for the more defensive playstyle. The paladin is capable of dealing more damage while still casting buffs and assisting their allies to the same degree.

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