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How Does Demon Fusion Work in Soul Hackers 2?

Blend two demons, get a better one!
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One of the most enduring features of the entire Shin Megami Tensei franchise is demon fusion. As you collect demons, you can opt to merge their essences together to summon an even more powerful demon. This feature returns again in Soul Hackers 2, where it’s still a vital system for increasing your strength. So, how does demon fusion work in Soul Hackers 2?

How Does Demon Fusion Work in Soul Hackers 2?

When you’ve added a bunch of demons to your repertoire through negotiation, you can take them to a peculiar circus located in the Roppo Realm. This is Cirque du Goumaden, owned and operated by the mad genius Dr. Victor, whom you may recognize from several other Shin Megami Tensei games. Through unspeakable rituals, Dr. Victor can fuse your demons into bigger and better ones.

Generally, fusions fall into two broad categories: Normal Fusions and Special Fusions. A Normal Fusion is where you take any two demons and fuse them together into something new. Two demons of a particular type will always make a specific demon, but the kinds of demons you use and their skills will determine the fused demon’s capabilities. A Special Fusion, meanwhile, is a recipe fusion requiring a handful of very specific demons, and usually more than two. While there are many demons you can make with Normal Fusions, demons made from Special Fusions can usually only be made from Special Fusions.

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To make the fusion process a little easier, Dr. Victor also offers Search Fusions and Recommended Fusions. Recommended Fusions are a list of fusion options you can create based on the demons you currently have on hand. Search Fusions allow you to check all possible results from fusing a particular demon. If you don’t have one of the component demons but have had it previously, you can immediately summon it up from the Compendium for a nominal fee.

Image via Atlus/Sega

When you choose a demon to fuse, you’ll be prompted to select the skills it inherits. Any skills that the component demons know can be passed on to the resulting demon, so you can create all kinds of wild combinations. After the fusion goes through, the demon will also gain an experience bonus based on the stats of the component demons. When a demon levels up, it’ll learn more of its innate skills. If a demon learns all of its possible skills, it’ll give you a handy present like consumable items or Mistiques to equip on your COMP.

Oh, one last thing: as you probably know if you’ve played most other Shin Megami Tensei games, there can occasionally be mix-ups when fusing demons. Fusion Accidents result in completely different demons with different skills than you asked for. It’s a very rare occurrence, but it might behoove you to save your game before you go through with any big fusions just in case.

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